Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Truth about 3 Day Cleanse

The fad of cleanses and detoxes. They are almost as popular as Brunches on the weekend. But unlike brunch, cleanses are not as fun.The results are eye opening though.

Day 1- Instead of juicing, I blended all the ingredients. Therefore I had less of my fruits and veggies than in the recipe. It was very experimental the first day. Some drinks had too much of some ingredients, some had too little. I didn't peel all of them, in result, there were some remnants inside the smoothie.

There was a lot of peeing throughout the day. I was hungry... or my stomach growled a bit throughout the day but usually it was time for the next smoothie. I even went to the mall and watched a friend eat a delicious veggie burger. In that moment, I decided that even though dinner was supposed to be just fruits and veggies, falafels were okay. And veggie burgers for the next night and vegan Chipotle salad for the last night.

Advice: I suggest you definitely make a decision before it's dinner time. No flip flopping. I didn't have any rice, pasta, or any grains. Just vegetarian/vegan ingredients that consisted of veggies mostly.

Day 2- This day was easier to have all the smoothies but I felt too bloated or slightly backed up (TMI?). Then finally I had a big "bathroom break" and felt better.I looked forward to my water with ginger and lemon every morning. Not so much the tea before bed. Some nights I really yearned for it, others I did without.

During the day, I almost forgot I was hungry most times. I got so caught up in everything else, I didn't care much if I needed my next drink. I work remotely so I also had to be creative about the way I kept my bottles cool. Unfortunately that meant my bookbag got weighed down. Not fun.

Dinner always tasted so delicious. My taste buds were definitely heightened. Things were sweeter, tasted even more lively. It was a big difference. I had an apple that wasn't on the schedule. It was the best apple I had ever tasted.

Day 3- I was so excited I was almost done. It felt like we had just begun, but it had been long enough. I started to wonder how I would ever do a 2 week one like Joe Cross suggests in Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead. That would be a toughy. I mean, I guess the main difference was that we would have to use a juicer. Speaking of juicers, a lot of people usually mention the clean up during a cleanse or detox. It is worth mentioning. My boyfriend helped somewhat with the cleaning up after making our smoothies, but it definitely took a toll. I didn't want to clean or keep blending. We were irritable. I'd clean up our fresh fruit and veggie scraps. It was annoying. The cost of eating healthy.

Drinking nothing but juice was a breeze this day. The pee breaks were getting really annoying. Early mornings, it was hard to find isolated bathrooms I could use with no embarrassment. If you get my whiff. The last day I skipped having the last smoothie. Mainly cause I felt so backed up from Day 1 and 2, I didn't want to do that again.

AfterI was so happy to be done, I wanted to eat dessert. Haha. I didn't but I went to bed happier than ever. The next day I had toast and my lemon ginger water. I felt really good but craved a snack mid morning. I had granola. Then my coworkers had pizza, but I waited to get Just Salad instead. I didn't have meat for a while after the cleanse, maybe a week and a half. Minimal dairy. Your body does amazing things while not eating those things.

I did lose a few pounds but nothing significant, it was probably water weight.

There's my experience with a 3 Day Cleanse!

Monday, June 1, 2015

News: Transgender Developments

adjective: transgender; adjective: transgendered
  1. denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.
    "a transgender activist and author"

When I was in High School, the Oprah show was the first to explain to me what being transgender was. Then a guy, that was transgender, lived on my floor Freshmen year in college. Ever since then my view on that community was and is, this group of people are just people. It's such a spectacle for everyone else. I am actually quite protective of this group. One of my personal beliefs is that they should not be grouped with the LGBT community. BUT I do understand why and how it became so. I see it as, all the people who are different "sexually" are grouped together and I don't agree it should be that way but it is. Transgender individuals can often  go from being a homosexual relationship and turn into a heterosexual one as well. This too is difficult for their friends or even family to understand. No person in this world is like the other. Therefore stop trying to make every transgender person the same another.

Update June 1st 2015: Bruce Jenner is now
known as Caitlyn Jenner. Beautiful picture. 
A lot of people are discussing the recent official announcement about Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman. I think it is funny that some people are so outraged and disgusted that he's made his transition so public. Come on! Someone had to. In America especially, no one really pays attention unless it's on television. You sit there and watch women pimp themselves out on the Bachelor, but you're disgusted that a man is smart enough to understand the influence his family has on the WORLD and is using it to inform/educate others? You my friend are foolish. Even if this family is trying to make money off of this transition, at least there will be a community to gain from it. Well hopefully.

Once I had a discussion with my mother about my potential future children. I often think about, "what if my child was gay or transgender or just not 'normal' enough for the world to accept?" I would love them no matter what but I could not handle sending my child to the wolves. My mother said, "I would try knocking some sense into your kid if you sent them to my house." "I guess they won't be coming to your house then." I replied without any hesitation. It is difficult to understand but it really isn't. During the Oscars, someone can say "Selma is now" but neglect to realize how far we have come since Civil Rights. Under the same breath you can say, black people have progressed way more than the other silenced. There are people among us who have a squeak as a voice. "It sucks to be me" as they sing in Avenue Q. Every minority sings this tune. Blacks, hispanics, women, homosexuals, pets, children and anyone else you can think of. Even the majority does. But those people are still racist, sexist, and abusers. I remember a woman in Harlem two ago was beaten and killed while walking down the street. The mom cried on the television and I felt so bad. Her child was killed. Child which has no gender. I'm sure this woman may or may not have been okay with her child being transgender, but now it doesn't matter because her child is dead.

Human Rights is an ongoing problem in this country. In my opinion, the world. And don't be fooled into thinking that only one type of people are being isolated. Therefore we should support one another rather than tearing each other down. We're all different in our own ways. Lets rejoice in that. How boring would it be if we were all the same?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Own your life

Slowly I am coming back to life, in my creative world. I have been watching the show "Younger" and find it hilarious. What is not too funny is how the main character chose family life over her career. Yes, the ongoing middle aged woman cliche. She gives up her publishing career for a husband and child. Then years or decades later, she is divorced and broke, looking to get back into her field of work.

I do not want to be that girl.

For months... or about a year, I have written less and less material. I am not sure why, but it has happened. Maybe I am enjoying my life in relationship bliss too much? Focusing on my family? Day job? Whatever it is, it needs to come to a halt. I love writing and managing businesses. However I now understand the constant struggle of balancing work and home life. I don't want to neglect my family or significant other to go to networking events. At the same time, I don't want to deny myself that thrill of a first Image Session with a new client.

We can make so many excuses about why we aren't doing the things we "want" to do, but have we asked ourselves, "Do we actually want these things?' For myself, I know I am passionate about writing. My distraction has been excelling at my day job and starting my own family. Therefore writing has taken a serious back burner. Do I want to write? Yes. I also want to travel and thoroughly enjoy my life. This is not negotiable.

Lets all take a few minutes and think about what is it that we want. Not make excuses why we aren't doing things and blaming it on external distractions. Take ownership of the direction your life takes.

Are you with me?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chef Anissa: Cooking For Bae

As a young woman and even a little girl I was always  told the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You will see in my next blog if that's true or not but right now we're talking about cooking for babe. I'm not that big on Instagram  I have an account I even have pictures on it and I love those Meemee post but there was something that caught my eye that was horrifying. It is the #cookingforbae page. I know as a woman when I prepare a dish for my significant other I'm very proud of my work and I would love for him to be just as proud of it and sometimes I do display on my social media pages. I also get a lot of inbox messages from various women and some men asking me what do I think about their dish or their presentation. Some I'm pretty damn good I must admit but then there are some that just really make me say WTF. In my reply to the the person I am never going to insult someone's creativity or down their efforts but in the back of my mind I am begging the person who this dish was prepared for to run and run fast. I have been a witness to some of the dishes that look like glorified dog food or vomit on warm plate. I know I am NOT the only one that thinks this way. Sometimes I even get tempted to ask the person WTF is this or if they tell me what it is i am tempted to ask how the hell did you get that out of this? But being a professional and also a person that has to work on her presentation skills I digress but I'm still confused sometimes. I know there are alot of Grandma and Nanas that are rolling around in the grave trying to claw their way out beat them with a rolling pin. My suggestion is before you post the picture or even send the picture take a good look at the picture really analyze the picture and ask yourself would I really eat this myself or is this fit for human consumption. Then ask do I really wanna keep my man or woman or do I want to scare them to death. Because if some of this was put it in front of me and someone ask me to eat it  i would be very offended and think they were trying to poison me, that's just me. But I will always give it an A for effort, while shaking my head.

Chef Anissa YouTube

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#PROJECTMOVEOUT : Are we too good or not good enough?

"This IS about empowering the Millennials to be amazing in every aspect of their lives and not just business. We are making ground-breaking stats as a generation... creating Facebook, breaking records in the NBA, and so much more. Granted we aren't all making millions or billions like those people, but we all have that potential in us. So why settle for living with mom and dad when we could be living with friends and struggling together? Or making ourselves SO uncomfortable that we strive and push to find solutions to regain comfort? I'm just putting a voice to our potential as a generation."

I wrote this March 22, 2012 and believe in them just as much as I did then. 

An hour ago, I called a best friend to vent about my current 9 to 5 job predicament. No matter how much a excel or show my worth, my butt has stayed in the same position for three years. Many could say that this is still no one's fault but my own, and I could agree with them. However, there seems to be a trend. My best friend went on to say that he's been doing work worth $10,000 more than he actually gets paid. No recognition, well maybe enough to make him think that he's an asset to the team. Sounds familiar? 

We asked ourselves, is it our ages? "I don't think that can hold true anymore because we're literally pushing 30" He said. And I agree. I'm not getting younger and in fact have worked in administrative, fast paced, decision making and supervising positions for about 12 years now. My resume starts at 2005, which makes it 10 years. And I'm still someone's pawn at work. As a teammate of mine said once, Where's our recognition from the CEO? He has personally called people (from another department) and thanked them. That's all she's asking for. And that's not really asking for much when you think about it. 

These supervisors, managers, directors and CEOs see millennials as assets. Most definitely. However, they see us as tools they can use to guarantee a job well done and rely on. That's not a bad thing, its actually complimenting. With that said, you have to make you take care of your tools.

So I ask, what is your work story? Is it just myself and my associates that have experienced this? Do you want more tangible praise? I know I do. "Don't just speak about it, be about it." 

Food for thought: At 26 years old, Hugh Hefner's request to get a $5 raise was denied by his employer Esquire. He then left the magazine and decided to start a magazine called Playboy

Monday, March 2, 2015

What shall I write?

Since the year has started, I have occupied my mind with the thoughts about what is next. I am a writer and not writing. An entrepreneur that's not currently the owner of any businesses. And my social media talents aren't being used for much.

"Get up and get out there" Haley Scott said.

Yup I'm watching One Tree Hill as I stare at my computer screen wondering what I should post on my blog today. And Haley was just telling Mia that she needs to get a life, so she can have something to put in a song. That's her cure for writers block. Well, I think I have a life. What's my excuse? Not enough exciting experiences maybe? Not traveling enough? I'm not sure. What I do know is that my life is a lot different than it was just a year ago.

Our lives are so precious but we don't care for it like we do our waistlines, vehicles, romances, homes or even children. But our lives take a back burner. And by lives I mean open the shades, let the sun shine through to light up a room. Hmm... that probably didn't help. Maybe more like our soul, energy and spirit. Not just the physical but the emotional, spiritual and mental.

I have a life, but still not writing much. So that can't be the reason why I'm not writing or much of anything else these days. Even so, I'm not too hard on myself because I have interests in working on a few projects. Investing in businesses instead of owning, publishing a children's book, and taking a small trip in a week from now. 2015 is about me. What I want, what I want to do, what I desire. I spend way too much time taking care of other people's companies. Managing others' social media. Going where everyone else wants to go. It's time that I do what makes me happy. Live my own life.

Go out there and learn what you want to do. Live.

*Took me the whole episode to finish this blog. Haha it's going to be a while until I finish my next novel. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chef Anissa: Food Safety Rules

There are certain food-safety rules that health experts and agencies, such as the USDA, repeat often.
I was in a meeting with food experts. One might argue that these statements are conservative, and 
we found that even some of our experts are a little relaxed about the rules. Take the survey yourself, 
then visit www.eatingwell.com/foodsafety to learn more. 

1. I use a "refrigerator thermometer" to keep my food stored at a safe temperature (below 40°F).

People I've poled: 37% agree. | Experts: 78% agree."Knowing the temperature of your refrigerator is critical to keeping food safe. The warmer foods are stored, the more quickly bacteria can grow." Catherine Donnelly

2. I defrost food in the refrigerator, the microwave or in cold water, never on the counter. People I've poled: 70% agree. | Experts: 56% agree. "Yes. When defrosting meat, poultry or seafood in the refrigerator it is important to make sure it is on a tray and cannot drip juices onto foods below as it defrosts." Donna Rosenbaum

3. I always use separate cutting boards for raw meat/poultry/fish and produce/cooked foods. People 
I've poled: 72% agree. | Experts: 56% agree. "No, but I will thoroughly clean and use the same cutting board for both raw and cooked products." Rich Vergili

4. I always cook meat to proper temperatures, using a calibrated instant-read thermometer to make 
sure. People I've poled: 42% agree. | Experts: 33% agree. "I love my burgers rare and my lamb and steak medium-rare. I will be struck by lightning or chomped by a Great White before under-cooked meats get me." Ming Tsai

In some cases, different Test Kitchens recommends cooking meats to temperatures that are lower than the USDA’s recommended safe minimums, but people at high risk for developing 
food-borne illness pregnant women, young children, older adults and people with weakened immune systems should follow the guidelines closely.

5. I avoid unpasteurized ("raw") milk and cheeses made from unpasteurized milk that are aged less 
than 60 days. People I've poled : 86% agree. | Experts: 71% agree. "Not worth the risk especially for pregnant women." Doug Powell

6. I never eat "runny" eggs or foods, such as cookie dough, that contain raw eggs. People 
I've poled: 47% agree. | Experts: 33% agree. "Don’t be silly. I’m human." Marion Nestle

Like Marion Nestle, many people consume under-cooked eggs. 

7. I always wash my hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds before handling food and 
after touching raw meat, poultry or eggs. People I've poled: 81% agree. | Experts: 67% agree. "I must admit that at my home, I may not get through ‘Happy Birthday’ twice before working with some food items, but absolutely always after working with raw meats and poultry."  Linda Kender

8. I always heat leftover foods to 165oF. People 
I've poled: 50% agree. | Experts: 38% agree. "No. This is one of the most misunderstood recommendations. If you reheat a serving of prime rib to 165°F it would become like pot roast." Rich Vergili

So long as leftovers have been properly cooked and cooled, you can reheat them to any temperature 
just before serving.

9. I never eat meat, poultry, eggs or sliced fresh fruits and vegetables that have been left out for 
more than 2 hours (1 hour in temperatures hotter than 90°F). people I've poled: 64% agree. | Experts: 63% agree. "The rule in our house is ‘when in doubt, throw it out!’" Donna Rosenbaum

10. Whenever there’s a food recall, I check products stored at home to make sure they are safe. People 
I've poled: 82% agree. | Experts: 100% agree. "I just returned cookie dough to a retail outlet for a refund." Catherine Donnelly

Meet Our Expert Panel:

Catherine W. Donnelly, Ph.D., is a professor of nutrition and food sciences at the University of 
Vermont and an expert on listeria.

Scott Donnelly, Ph.D., is a microbiologist and independent food inspector based in Burlington, 

Linda Kender is an associate professor in the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University.

Bill Marler, J.D., is an attorney and food-safety advocate.

Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H., one of EatingWell’s nutrition advisers, is a professor of nutrition, food 
studies and public health at New York University. Her most recent book is Pet Food Politics (2008).

Douglas Powell, Ph.D., is an associate professor of food safety at Kansas State University and founder 
of the hilarious barfblog.com.

Donna Rosenbaum is the executive director of Safe Tables Our Priority (S.T.O.P.).

Ming Tsai is chef-owner of the award-winning restaurant Blue Ginger in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and 

the host and executive producer of the cooking show Simply Ming.

Rich Vergili is professor of hospitality management at The Culinary Institute of America. He lectures on 

nutrition and food safety.

Written by Chef Anissa