Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Social Media Management Tips

There is this business owner who teaches Social Media 101 and I always laugh. People pay him to teach something he really has no working knowledge of. I check in on his Twitter here and there and it’s not far from the number it was three years ago. I sometimes think about what others must think when they see my social media accounts, but remind myself three years ago to now; my numbers have doubled on some and tripled on other social networks. Now that’s social media management.

The Number-
You should always keep track of your progression. Even if it isn’t every week or every month, track the number at some point. I’m referring to the progress from one point in time to another. At the same time, I do not completely agree that the number is everything. It is good to have a high number, but what kind of high number needs to be considered as well.

The Reach-
The high number can be just a number and have no meaning. You have a 1,000 followers but no one ever favorites or retweets your posts. What’s the point?? My following isn’t the highest it could be (especially because I have been slacking), but I guarantee you that I have a solid reach. My followers SOCIALIZE with me all the time. We joke about things, network, and relate often. That is the type of account you should aim to have.

The Schedule-
I’ve had some of my clients get upset because I do not tweet or post on Facebook every hour. And I always wonder, “How important do you think you are?” I know that when even a celebrity posts too many pictures on Instagram, I start to get annoyed. Most of the time the content is meaningless when it is set to post that often. Your audience should get excited about what you have to say. They should want to go looking for it if they missed it. And yes, this takes time, then give it time.

The Result-
People! It takes MONTHS to see full results on an account. I have been working with a company’s Twitter and Facebook for the past 5 months and I can proudly say that I have made a huge impact on their social media. With that said, I know I could do more socializing to get the reach up and connections tight, but this is just the beginning. In time, I know that their social media results will continue to have positive results. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Waste of Time

Articulating is hard for me a lot of the time. Sometimes when I am trying to make a point, I go around in circles as I’m thinking the ideas or issues through. This is usually one of two things for everyone else, confusing or inspirational. I don’t know how I do it but let’s call it a natural talent. I’m a wise woman and I love bestowing my wisdom onto others. If I did not do so, I would consider that being selfish. Ballsy, right? Like who am I to have things to share with the world and still be in my 20’s? How dare I? No how dare you to think such a thing. I’m bringing confidence back.

How annoying is it when someone says, “What a waste of time”? Not that annoying. How about when someone says it about something you don’t think is a waste of time? A little, right? I find that most of us waste our time on a daily basis. But what about this thought, “Your twenties are all about wasting your time.  It’s what you spend the most time wasting it on is what matters most”.
Many of our friends spend these ten years living it up. Going to bars, hooking up with strangers, traveling, moving into their own place or moving back into their parents’ basement, falling in love, falling in love again and possibly again, getting married, having their first baby, maybe having a second, and then “Hello thirties”. Whatever it is, make sure when you look back, it was worth it. I wasted my time plenty when I was online dating, but I am more than happy that I did. Not only did I get really great blogs out of it and a new following, but I developed and matured in a way I did not think about often.

Wasting your time is trying. And to not try is… you know it, to fail. Therefore waste your time and apply to a position you don’t believe you qualify for. I did! Best thing ever. I now know where I actually want to be professionally.

Wasting time is not aimlessly trying. Have direction. Make sure you are always wasting your time well. And if you don’t succeed, remind yourself it was worth it. For example, I was turned down for a position I applied for and in result started to look more into what I really wanted to progress to. I have spoken to so many managers, directors and now may move onto vice presidents. Now, the little group of people I knew at my organization has grown. And best part, they all know I am looking to better myself. Will one of them hire me? I do not know. And many people would look at this as a waste of time if none of them do. I believe those people are small minded. I rather waste my time like that any day. In my opinion, you should as well.

Go out there and waste time, and remember to be mindful about what you’re wasting your time doing.

*Proofread but ... you know*

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Relationship 101

I thought it would be nice to cover a topic that was more personal and less professional.  Keep the balance I have going.

Something I've been thinking about is the baggage individuals bring into a romantic union. Whether it's marriage or shacking up, you're united. As many know, both individuals have lived life prior to being their partner's partner. In that life, they most likely learned lessons they rather not repeat, or obtained habits/traditions, or even friends. How dare they? Trust me that's just a taste of it all. Most importantly, I dare to ask if you've thought about this? If not, you should.

Many discussions or misunderstandings are created from things like the partner s/he had before you was mistrusting and therefore any hint of mistrust from you gets him/her defensive. Confusing? Lets try this. Or your partner was verbally abused with phrases like "Don't be stupid" "you're so naive" or "You're lucky I'm with you.". So when you say it, he or she "overreacts".

I once had a therapist who told me that there really is no such thing as overreacting. Most times when someone is "overreacting", its actually in reaction to something they've already been festering or holding onto and possibly didn't realize it. An example is if you come home from a long day of work and you go to lay on top of your bed. "Oh my god,  now I have to change the bed sheets again. Thanks!" Your partner yells. And you're tired, so you get mad because what does it matter if you laid on your bed? It is your bed. But as you argue and discuss, you realize its cause you're pants are on the subway, at the office, at the park or bar throughout the day. They have the dirt from the day on them and your partner doesn't want them in the place where you two sleep. Day after day its mentioned or implied, then finally... no more mister nice guy. Kind of like one day at work, constantly bees buzzed all over the place. One at a time of course. My coworker suggested complimenting them (it may have worked) for them to go away. After work I went out that afternoon and saw a bee. I freaked out. By that point, I felt like they were following me. But no one else would know that. Hence, overreacting. 

I say all this to say, communication is key. Of course we all knew that and have superb relationships, but its a reminder.  My past is tough and I was a good girl Jesus freak. I can only imagine what a well-seasoned crowd has to deal with. Talk about it and you'll be surprised how many disagreements you'll avoid. Even with your mother.  Since I've gotten into a romantic relationship,  I believe my relationship with my mother has matured.  We communicate a tad more effectively. Everyone has a past, respect it.
Listen before you speak,  otherwise you're not listening, you're thinking about what you're going to say (dad taught me that).

Avoid the word "but" when agruing or discussing something. For example, "yeah I get what you mean but you should do it my way." You negate what you said before the but. "You're pretty but you have a big nose." Translation "you could be pretty if you didn't have a big nose."
That's a little peek into what my boyfriend likes to call "girl talk". I majored in girls everything in college after I joined a sorority. Men post your questions and I will gladly answer.
Communication. It does wonders.  

*proofread but this one was a toughy*

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SAE Writing Weekend

Considering I was just watching America's Next Top Model and it was delaying my writing, the fact that my kindle just shut down from a low battery may be a good thing. My posts have been delayed enough!

Hello Everyone! I hear many of you missed me. It is definitely nice to be missed.

I just got back from a writing weekend this past weekend. It was AMAZING. I can't stop using that word to describe it. A lot of the time wasn't used for writing but also gaining inspiration and relaxing. The trip even inspired me to do so much more than expected. For example, I have someone who takes care of my management now. Also a creative hour once a week, to keep the juices flowing. And an idea for making a writing retreat!

Yes, a writing retreat. I feel like not many writers have opportunities to take themselves away from obligations and just be creative. During my time at the writing weekend, I didn't use one writing prompt. I just thought and blocked out my day job, entrepreneurial tasks, and what everyone needed from me. But what I needed from me was a beginning to a third novel. And I got it! The start wasn't too long, but it was a start. All weekend I kept saying, "Did you accomplish more than if you were at home?" If the answer was yes, I was happy.

Take time out for yourself as the holidays come closer and closer. You deserve and your mind deserves time to reflect and create.

Click my links above to get a little peek at the weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

#PROJECTMOVEOUT: Letter to Sallie Mae

"I just got off the phone with a manager who was very unpleasant. I'm sure you can see her notes and probably the woman that was helping me prior to her on my account.

I understand your company has a very difficult job and people are rude to you on a regular basis. But what I don't understand that when your company or someone working there is at fault, why a simple apology can not be given. It's basic. Someone gave me the wrong information and now my account is in delinquency but I'm treated as if I purposely allowed it to do so.

Usually I ask your representatives questions more than once. This is because often, I'm given an answer but it may change the 2nd or 3rd time I ask because he or she realizes they were wrong. I do not understand why I am now in this predicament. I can not pay every amount Sallie Mae decides to throw at me and I think that all Sallie Mae employees need to act as so. And with everyone that's interacted with. This doesn't mean that you have to compromise (or give in) with the customer, but actually acknowledge that these payments are not easy for everyone to make.

I'm just asking for Sallie Mae to be considerate. At least.

Be nice. Be pleasant. Be amicable.

Thank you."

I encourage everyone to write a letter to Sallie Mae at some point. It may seem small but I think it's worth the time. You never know your influence. 


Monday, September 22, 2014

The Office Fashionista: S/S 2015 Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Thanks Office Fashionista for updating us on the Fashion Week trends this time around. You are truly the expertise. 

New York Fashion Week isn't all about clothes. It’s about beauty too! Below, I've rounded up the hottest beauty looks on the runway.

Post –Shower Chic: Bye,  beach waves. Don’t bother drying your hair after your morning wash. Coming SS’15 is wet head. All over the runway, models were seen with hair slicked back. This sleek, flat look is easy to pull off. Simply wet your hair, and pull behind your ears.

Messy Braids: I’ve always been a fan of the messy braid. It’s effortless but still looks chic. Models at NYFW SS’15 were seen with cornrows, messy fishtails, and bed-head braids.  The single braid is back too. One, single, clean braid down your back. Start practicing.

Natural Woman: Keep makeup light and minimum in SS’15. The biggest beauty trend is the no-makeup makeup look. To achieve this, you want to look like you’re flushed.

Pink Lipstick: The dominant lip trend for NYFW SS’15 were light pinks. The best way to choose a pink is to find a color that matches your natural lip color and then go a shade or two brighter. “Girl About Town” by Mac is a great shade of pink!

Sweaty/Shiny Skin: At Alexander Wang’s SS’15, all of the models looked like they just finished running a marathon. Their skin looked slightly sweaty and shiny.

Glossy Eyelids: No more bright eyeshadows. For SS’15, glossy eyelids with a hint of gold sparkle will be all the rage.

So, this SS’15 keep it simple. Understated and natural is in. 

Signing off until next time. See you soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Springing Ahead: Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2015


The Office Fashionista came by and gave us her input about this Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week trends. 

The Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

It’s only September and we have cold, dreary winter days ahead of us, but I’m already dreaming of warm weather again.  New York Fashion Week ended last week, but Spring/Summer 2015 trends are etched in my mind.  What’s coming our way in the next few months are fun, eclectic and easy-to-wear trends.  As a fashionista that likes to stay ahead of the trends, I've rounded up my favorite Spring/Summer 2015 trends so you can snag them and wear them before everyone else does.
Maxi Off The Shoulder Dress
 Bellbottoms – Channel your 70’s style and raid your mom’s closet. Bellbottoms are back. Soft, pastel colors would be perfect for Spring. Denim bellbottoms would make for the perfect casual Friday work outfit with a bright scarf and fitted tee.

Fringe- It’s easy to take the fringe trend overboard. Keep it understated and carry a fringe purse!

Ruffles – Be a little feminine and wear some ruffles.

Gingham – My favorite Spring/Summer 2015 trend. Easy to wear and versatile.

Off-the-shoulder – I’m thankful for this trend! I love my shoulders and can’t wait to show them off.

More to come for sure. Beauty trends are next.