Monday, September 22, 2014

The Office Fashionista: S/S 2015 Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Thanks Office Fashionista for updating us on the Fashion Week trends this time around. You are truly the expertise. 

New York Fashion Week isn't all about clothes. It’s about beauty too! Below, I've rounded up the hottest beauty looks on the runway.

Post –Shower Chic: Bye,  beach waves. Don’t bother drying your hair after your morning wash. Coming SS’15 is wet head. All over the runway, models were seen with hair slicked back. This sleek, flat look is easy to pull off. Simply wet your hair, and pull behind your ears.

Messy Braids: I’ve always been a fan of the messy braid. It’s effortless but still looks chic. Models at NYFW SS’15 were seen with cornrows, messy fishtails, and bed-head braids.  The single braid is back too. One, single, clean braid down your back. Start practicing.

Natural Woman: Keep makeup light and minimum in SS’15. The biggest beauty trend is the no-makeup makeup look. To achieve this, you want to look like you’re flushed.

Pink Lipstick: The dominant lip trend for NYFW SS’15 were light pinks. The best way to choose a pink is to find a color that matches your natural lip color and then go a shade or two brighter. “Girl About Town” by Mac is a great shade of pink!

Sweaty/Shiny Skin: At Alexander Wang’s SS’15, all of the models looked like they just finished running a marathon. Their skin looked slightly sweaty and shiny.

Glossy Eyelids: No more bright eyeshadows. For SS’15, glossy eyelids with a hint of gold sparkle will be all the rage.

So, this SS’15 keep it simple. Understated and natural is in. 

Signing off until next time. See you soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Springing Ahead: Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2015


The Office Fashionista came by and gave us her input about this Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week trends. 

The Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

It’s only September and we have cold, dreary winter days ahead of us, but I’m already dreaming of warm weather again.  New York Fashion Week ended last week, but Spring/Summer 2015 trends are etched in my mind.  What’s coming our way in the next few months are fun, eclectic and easy-to-wear trends.  As a fashionista that likes to stay ahead of the trends, I've rounded up my favorite Spring/Summer 2015 trends so you can snag them and wear them before everyone else does.
Maxi Off The Shoulder Dress
 Bellbottoms – Channel your 70’s style and raid your mom’s closet. Bellbottoms are back. Soft, pastel colors would be perfect for Spring. Denim bellbottoms would make for the perfect casual Friday work outfit with a bright scarf and fitted tee.

Fringe- It’s easy to take the fringe trend overboard. Keep it understated and carry a fringe purse!

Ruffles – Be a little feminine and wear some ruffles.

Gingham – My favorite Spring/Summer 2015 trend. Easy to wear and versatile.

Off-the-shoulder – I’m thankful for this trend! I love my shoulders and can’t wait to show them off.

More to come for sure. Beauty trends are next.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Marketing Campaign Kudos: #ALSIceBucketChallenge

I applaud the person and team who came up with this marketing campaign for ALS. And with that said, let me ask the question "Who knows what ALS is?" I looked it up and informed myself about the disorder and laughed a little because it seemed ironic that people are putting their brain and nerves through this shock for this particular cause.

Then I think about, "Where did this campaign originate?" I can barely drive traffic to my newest client's website but this #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE has raised about $50 million. That's $50,000,000. Nice! I hope that it makes a great difference and has a positive effect on all those affected by ALS.

In result, I found this article that did some research on where the Ice Bucket Challenge (link in above paragraph) came from and how it may have become so contagious. It spread like wildfire. I'm sure the celebrity participation contributed a great deal. It's only a matter of time you are nominated as well.

I was nominated over the weekend. I will not be drenching myself with a bucket full of ice water anytime soon. Why? It's not because I want to be a party pooper. It's not that I don't believe these ALS organizations don't deserve money.  What I do believe is my money is mine and I donate both my time and money often. Why do I HAVE to contribute to this particular cause just because everyone else is? I've volunteered many times and donated to American Heart Association, Relay for Life with American Cancer Society (was on the committee twice), and of course pet related charities (ASPCA, Humane Society, PetSmart Charities). Every now and then I have donated to the March of Dimes and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk. This doesn't mean I can't give to other organizations or have finished giving my share. What I believe is that people shouldn't try to make me feel guilty for joining in on the fun. It's truly my lost, I'm sure. Instead this blog post, in my opinion, is my contribution. :)

Thank You to all the people who have donated money or participated in the ALS awareness! I think there were great strides made in these last few weeks and it's very inspiring. It's always great to see our community come together. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just Got Paid... orrrr not

There have been two companies that haven't paid me for services I provided.  And its not that I need the money so bad.  It's principal. 

10:22 Group was the worst out of anyone who has screwed me in my entrepreneurial career. The owner was all about telling me and showing me how connected he was. He knew all and could be all. At one point, I wasn't sure if he was courting me. All I was interested in was the project I was helping him on. Not the lunch at the Princeton Club or template website (hate those). I just wanted to finish his project and then move onto social media management for his company. 

What ended up happening was no surprise.  He didn't respond to emails, never knew what was going on but decided to have his web developer call me looking for website writing.  Yes, tried releasing his dog on me and I kindly said that the owner needed to call me himself. Over time,  there was no communication but I did my part.  I called about the outstanding balance which was under hundred bucks. And in the end,  life lessons were learned.  I don't do anything for anyone without a deposit. 

AlleyNYC, I was an Event Producer for.  I organized and stressed to make the event happen. It went rather well and the attendees found it informative.  Unfortunately afterward I was slightly dropped from communication.  I kept trying to contact the Director and he may have said they were really busy once or twice, then nothing. Here and there I still try emailing him to see if I will at least get a reason to why it's almost been a year and no payment from them has come through. And once again its a payment under a hundred dollars.

Even though I didn't have a formal agreement with the boutique graphic design haus I interned with about payment, they verbally agreed that I would be full-time in their company in 2012. I never saw a dime from them the whole time, even though after 6mos I was supposed to receive a stipends. Never saw anything. And I busted my butt for that company. On top of that, they ignore me when I message them on Facebook or LinkedIn. Like I did something to them! I'm very bitter about this. Especially when recently I cane across a post on their Facebook saying "we take care of our interns." What a joke.

I say all this to say, make sure you get paid for your hard work. The Freelancers Union has great tools to help you make contractor agreements and more. There's always Small Claims Court if you want to. Low cost or subsidized attorneys that are passionate about these sort of issues. You deserve to get paid for your labor and don't let anyone else make you feel otherwise.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Hair

I'm writing this post while my hair is wet, which inspired me to finish. 

Chris Rock had a whole documentary about what "Good Hair" is. It's hilarious and a must see documentary, especially if you don't know much about the topic. It makes you think about how you care for your hair. About every strand that sheds and falls out. Every time it gets lighter or darker. Dries out or is too oily.

What is the right thing to do with your hair? I like to look to hair professionals for their advice because if it were up to me, I would do the easiest thing to my hair until the hair one day fell out. My hair is extremely thick and is rarely defeated by any chemical or product I have ever put in it. Therefore, I don't worry too much. Knock on wood.

Many women have started this journey of going all natural. Correction, many black, African American, Afro-American... women with coarse textured hair, have started journeys of the all natural look. I am not a contributor to this "movement". I do in fact understand why it is happening. These women realized that they hated or unappreciated the beauty of their hair and in result changed it with straighteners, weaves, extensions, relaxers and so on. So to stop conforming, they went all natural. They chopped, nurtured and styled. Now they are their true selves, but I wonder who were they before? 

I love my hair, but I don't like all the work I have to put into it. Although I shed like crazy and hair is constantly everywhere, I still love my locks. If I have a daughter, I will probably have her decide at a teen age what she will like to do with her hair. Every woman should be entitled to feel like they can do what they please with their own hair. Do you agree?

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Office Fashionista- Sporty



The other night at book club, one of the girls brought a Fortune-Telling Book . It dates back to the 1930's and has a little fortune according to your birth date. It was really fun passing the book around and laughing about it. My fortune said I was an ardent reader, I'm bright, witty, entertaining, welcome to any social gathering, that I was a great lover, and that I loved sports. It's all pretty true. (I like to think that I'm welcome to any social gathering...) I do like to sit down and watch the occasional football or baseball game with my boyfriend (as long as there's snacks involved)... but what I really like is dressing sporty! 

This J.Crew tee paired perfectly with this cotton skirt. This is an outfit that I just threw together one morning when I was running very late. I love the way it turned out! The finishing touch was a red lip. Red lipstick instantly adds chicness to any outfit. 

Top: J. Crew
Skirt: Forever 21, Similar Here 
Sandals: HauteLook, Similar Here 
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Lipstick: On Fire Red by Maybelline 

Photos by Jessi

Monday, July 21, 2014

You are your Brand: Kamau Sadiki

Hello world,

I, like many of you, was born with a name given to me by my parents. As a child I never enjoyed my name too much because I never found it on one of those fancy license plates, and I never met anyone else with my name until I was 17. He was a 3 year old, and while his mother called for him, I thought she was talking to me. Throughout my life people have misquoted my name, spelled it differently/wrong (even though I gave them the letters slowly), referred to my cousins name (it’s a 1 letter difference and his name is admittedly more popular but I’m older and they chose his name based on mine), and of course shortened my name to its first initial.
Hello my name is Kamau (Swahili for Silent Warrior), and at age 15 I decided I was going to start recording songs under the name “K Da 1’1 Deuce” sometimes stylized as “K Da One 1 Deuce”. Now I can guess what you are thinking, why would I have a name that people often get wrong, and then pick another complicated name for people to get wrong? Well my fine feathered friends, originally I wanted to be known as K-Deuce because of my two middle names. A quick Google search will show you, that I am far from the only one who decided to use said name. To separate myself for the hordes of imitators I decided I’d be the “One and Only” deuce, but that sounded cheesy and “The one one Deuce “ kind of just rolled off the tongue, at least for me. Naturally people would shorten it to “K-Deuce” much like they shortened Kamau to K. This caused some confusion and to my dismay and lackluster conclusion some people simply can’t sound out letters (Kamau) or spell simple word “Deuce”.
Fast forward to today, I still use these names, and I now look at my real name with a sense of pride. I also look at my stage name with a sense of pride. Thanks to the people I've met, the things I've done, and the stories I will be able to tell for years to come. With that said I've decided to change my stage name and not look back. When I was trying to decide on my new stage name I wanted something people could easily remember, or something that had a good meaning behind it. So much like Ray Charles, Talib Kweli, and countless others, I decided to go with my first and middle name: Kamau Sadiki (It translates to Silent warrior, Brave warrior). I know it’s not the easiest of names, I know people will probably mess it up, BUT it’s my name and besides people have been doing that for the last few decades anyway.
Along with the changing of my name comes, the changing of my logo, a new publicist (I've been my own this whole time), new sound, new website, and lastly a new identity. What comes with all these new things you ask? Well essentially, whatever I please. The whole point of re-branding is establishing a new identity. Some people choose to use their past as their foundation, much in the light of late 80s early 90s Bobby Brown. Sometimes a title change is all that is necessary to re-brand. Lil Wayne proclaimed himself as the “Best Rapper Alive” and within 3 years he won a Grammy and the highest selling release date for artist of his genre EVER.

So to help some of you fellow Earthlings ease the transition into your new identity (in no particular order) I’ve provided these 5 Rules:

1. If you’re going to change your name, make it something personal.

This first step is a little loose, because when David Jones decided to be David Bowie so he wasn't confused for one of the Monkees and when Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to be KFC are two different reasons. One was to stay modern, and one was for less confusion. Make sure you define the reason, and you agree with it. Most importantly make sure it’s something you can stand behind.

2. Who cares what they’re thinking, you’re the most important person in the relationship.

I often cite this as relationship advice to friends and colleagues but it’s a universal law that can be used during any interaction. When Prince and Cat Stevens (Both respected musicians and writers in their own right) decided to change their name to, well, different names (or symbols).  A lot of fans did not support it, but guess what? They still have successful careers years after the fact and continue to tour and release albums. Though Prince did eventually change his name back after 7 years, he forced the entire music industry to bend at his whim and accept this unorthodox name or symbol or whatever.

3. Correct anyone who attempts to refer to you solely by your old name.

When Cassius Clay joined the Nation of Islam and converted to Muslim, for a brief stint his name was Cassius X. Soon after his name was changed to and has since been “Mohammad Ali”. If you can find any archived footage or one of those celebrity biopics, you will clearly see them attempt to refer to Mr. Ali as Mr. Clay. This did not last long. Not only was he the heavy weight champion of the world, but he could not be swayed or moved to ease the world’s comprehension of his name change. Also when Bell Atlantic merged with a few other phone companies they formed Verizon. If you called their customer service to tell them you didn't like the changes Bell Atlantic was going through, they would be quick to tell you “Verizon is doing all they can, to accommodate former Bell Atlantic customers, etc.” The fact remains, good or bad, the new name is here to stay.

4. Don’t change too much, too often, if you want it to stick.

Russell Jones had many names in his career before he died, do you know what name they always called him? Old Dirty Bastard, and he will forever be that because people can’t handle and don’t accept excessive compulsive behavior. It seemed as though every time ODB was released from Jail he had a new name. The thing was, most of us liked the old one, and if you’re going to keep changing your name, it’s obvious you’re not entirely sure what you’d like to be called. We can help, by referring to you as the name we like the most and have come to identify you with. As they say on Trailer Park Boys “Way she goes”

5. Pace yourself, sudden changes can cause a shock to the system.

Miley Cyrus took 2 years off before she came back with her “Bad Girl” image. When Justin Timberlake “brought sexy back” it was years after we had to “cry him a river”. As many people will tell you “Timing is everything”. Just because you have a good idea doesn't mean you should immediately take it to market. Do you remember when Pizza Hut attempted to become Pasta Hut? Exactly. Lastly Sean Combs has had more accepted nicknames for one profession than any other person (to my knowledge) in this century. Puffy, Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Diddy, Diddy Dirty Money, Sean “Diddy” Combs (redundant but used), and recently Dr. Diddy (in honor of his honorary doctorate degree from Howard University). A big factor for his easy transition is he stays mildly relevant only to briefly fade away and return to reinvent himself to reinvigorate his career and of course change his name.

Follow these rules and even your mother will call you something different than the name she gave you. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot right?

                                                                                                 Kamau Sadiki