Friday, July 16, 2010

My ____ Life's Synopsis

Everyone keeps asking me about the novel's synopsis and title. So here is the release of both and a sneak peek at what the cover resembles (in photograph form).

My ____ Life

Samantha Figueroa is an independent woman, who is over the drama but somehow keeps getting sucked into it. Boys in her High School just flock to her like flies and the latest one is her friend Justin. But before she can even say, "Let's just be friends", everything changes for the worst. And to make matters worst, his brother Ryan believes her best friend is to blame for the reason why. Then poor Sam finds herself stuck in a sticky but ironically romantic situation after all is said and done.

There are whirlwinds and stabs throughout this story that are sharp and witty. And of course there is love. How could there not be? But where the love takes our girl, is the curious part. And everything in between is never what it seems in this fairytale.

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