Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's a glorious day...

The sun is out, it feels good and it was full of laughs.

I feel like I should introduce myself and I'm not quite sure how to do so. But here we go.

I'm a college graduate, currently pursuing a Master's degree. I have lots of ambitions and responsibilities. Right now I am focusing on publishing a book I have worked on for yeeeaaaarrss. I first started it in middle school I think and continued through high school then finished in college my freshmen year. THe story isn't complex but I did it for fun and had no drive to actually finish. Of course I started to wonder how the book would end and that drove my creativity. So poof! I had a novel... written by ME. Very exciting. Unfortunately, it took me graduating to put fire under my butt to publish it. And that is where I am today.

Along with this novel, My ____ Life, I have numerous other projects I have in the works. My next book I want to put out is a nonfiction piece called Letters. It will contain letters I have written and sent or written and kept to people in my life. With each letter will have a story to follow it, explaining why that letter is significant in my life. I got the idea from Maya Angelou's book that contains recipes followed by a story with the dish in it. Brilliant. So I thank her for giving me a reason to use these letters I have stored in a crate. Otherwise they would never get any use.

I hope that helps you know a little about me and my creative mind. I will be posting some more stuff and sneak peeks. So stay tuned! :p

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