Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everyone Knows

There are things everyone knows

There are things that they know but they won't speak into existence

But everyone knows that even though you don't, it still exists

Everyone knows that life isn't fair

But daily, weekly, monthly they complain that it isn't so

Everyone knows that there is this thing called love

But not everyone knows how to find it

Although some of us know, you don't. It finds you.

Everyone knows that a friend is a friend, and a foe is a foe

We also know that there are also always in betweens

Not just with them but with everything

Everyone knows that blue and yellow makes green

Every Fall the leaves turn into different colors

Your parents will always be the two people who made you

Whether if it was in a test tube or through sex

It's all biology

Everyone knows that

Something everyone would like to forget at times is that everything changes at some point

Jobs, lovers, interests, friends, location, homes, family, taste, allergies, size

Everyone knows change happens

But not everyone knows how to go with the flow

Which in many cases are the cause of what everyone knows as depression, stress, hunger Disappointment, loneliness, heartbreak, bankruptcy

We know this

For some reason, we still pretend we don't

But trust me, no matter what, we will still know

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