Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love You Two (part 2)

Scene 2
The lights brighten. ANNA and NATHAN are sitting on the middle bench talking. They both have light jackets with scarves.
NATHAN: I don’t get it. What do you think it’s about?
ANNA: I have no clue.
NATHAN: Maybe he killed someone (Laughs).
ANNA: (Shoves him slightly) Can you seriously help me brainstorm. I want to figure it out.
NATHAN: Well I haven’t spoken to Saint James in a while.
ANNA: You act like he’s not the same Old James from when you two were college roommates.
NATHAN: Hence why… I… DON’T make a point to speak to him.
ANNA: You know that kills him, right?
ANNA: Then why do you do it? He’s not THAT bad.
NATHAN: I just don’t want to be Nathan and James anymore.
ANNA: Well you haven’t for 3 years now. So I think you’ve accomplished that.
NATHAN: I don’t hate him or anything. Just don’t think its best.
ANNA: I understand. We had this conversation… 3 years ago.
NATHAN: Riiight. When you were on the same train.
ANNA: (Sighs and leans back) You know I just can’t seem to leave him. Love him too much.
NATHAN: I know. You’re a good friend. He doesn’t deserve you but I rather him have someone like you than like what was her name?
ANNA: Ugh, Ria.
NATHAN: His other Fag Hag.
ANNA: Stop. No she wasn’t.
NATHAN: Oh right. It was more like his screaming buddy.
ANNA: (Imitating her) “O…M…G, I like bought the whole store. James you’re like such a good shopping buddy. LOVE you.”
NATHAN: (Laughs) He had good times with her.
ANNA: She wasn’t horrible but you know how I am about (Air quotes) Fag Hags.
NATHAN: Yes (Laughs) you hate that it can’t just be a friend.
ANNA: Yeah! Why label-
NATHAN: Anna, I know.
ANNA: Just saying.
NATHAN: You are so possessive.
ANNA: No I am Not.
NATHAN stares at her.
ANNA: What?
NATHAN: What if he gets a girlfriend? Remember that is still an option for him.. according to him.
ANNA: You know I hate even thinking about that (Looks away from him).
NATHAN: Drama queen. It could happen in the end.
ANNA: This may be wrong to say, but I am not entertaining the idea. He IS gay.
NATHAN: Well what if he wanted you? What if YOU were his female desire (Laughs).
ANNA laughs hysterically.
NATHAN: You would jump at the opportunity.
ANNA: NO. But I will say I rather that. If he were interested in any woman, it should be me. I’m THE woman in his life. Well besides his mother. (Pause) Other than that, I refuse to be replaced.
NATHAN: (Laughs) You are so serious. WOW ANNA.
ANNA: Of course I am! (Stands up and imitates JAMES) “Oh nothing will ever change if I was in a relationship .You’re the person who has stuck by me through tough shit. Someone new could NEVER reach your status.” (Pause) Bullshit.
NATHAN: Well when I say that, I mean it. (Smiles)
ANNA: Yesss (Kisses him on the cheek) You’re my Golden Boy.
NATHAN: Uh huh. But he’s your heart.
ANNA: What? (Sits back down)
NATHAN: Like you said, I’m the better friend, he’s the better lover.
ANNA: You will never let that go. You gays only remember the things you want.
NATHAN: Wow, that’s everyone Anna.
ANNA: True. Sorry.
NATHAN: I’m just saying that he’s got a strong hold on you.
ANNA: (Lays her head on his shoulder) He reminds me of myself. (Pause) It took me a long time to appreciate good people in my life.
NATHAN: Well I’m glad you appreciate me. (Kisses her on the head)
ANNA: Wish I could say the same for him sometimes. After all these years, he still hasn’t learned. He’s better but not quite there yet.
NATHAN: I concur.
ANNA: I know he doesn’t mean to not seem unappreciative but it-
NATHAN: I know, Hun. He does mean well.
ANNA: (Sighs) Lets walk around.
NATHAN and ANNA get up and walk around arm to arm. Then the lights fade out.

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