Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love You Two

This is part of a play I wrote. I'm really really really proud of it. It was my last piece in undergrad. And I got many praises from a tough professor for it. :)

Scene 1

There are three benches lined across the stage. JAMES is standing in front of the bench on the right, practicing what he wants to say to ANNA. He is wearing a light jacket with a sweater underneath. The stage has an autumn theme.

JAMES: I hope you don’t feel like this is coming from nowhere but I have to get this off my chest. (Pause) I think that I am starting to harbor strong emotions… (Pauses and hits his head then sits down) What am I saying? “Harbor strong emotions” James, real smooth. It’s not like she doesn’t know you don’t speak like that.

JAMES gets up and starts to pace back and forth. Then lets out a huge sigh.

JAMES: (He stops pacing) Anna…

ANNA enters the stage side behind him

ANNA: Yes?

He turns around startled

JAMES: Anna?

ANNA: Yes?

JAMES: (nervously laughs) Oh I was just saying Anna where the hell are you. It’s chilly you know? So inconsiderate.

ANNA: Right, like you don’t have about 3 layers in 60 degree weather. You are fine. Besides, I was just meeting someone who may end up being my soulmate.

JAMES: Again?

ANNA: Shut up. It’s different this time. Well he seems different.

JAMES: They always seem different. They teach us in grade school how to seem different.

ANNA: Green isn’t your color, you know?

JAMES shoves her gently and then sits on a bench. ANNA follows.

JAMES: Okay, tell me about him.

ANNA: (Big grin) Wellll, he works in a law firm.

JAMES: Oh nice. So he’s a lawyer.

ANNA: Um… no

JAMES: A law assistant of some kind?


JAMES: Secretary? Mail boy? Security Guard?

ANNA: Hey! His distribution of mail is very important. He taught me it’s not just about giving out mail.

JAMES: What? (He laughs) He’s a mail boy. How old is he anyway?

ANNA: At least he’s not married.

JAMES: How old is he?

ANNA: Not too old or anything.

JAMES: (raises his voice a little) How old is he, Anna?

ANNA pauses and stares at JAMES. She is squeezing her hands together and looks like she’s holding her breath.

ANNA: 24!

JAMES: Well that’s not too bad.

ANNA: (Squeezes her hands again) 26!

JAMES: Anna?

ANNA: 28

JAMES: Oh! Mailman (Laughs)

ANNA: He’s a really nice guy.

JAMES: (Still laughing slightly) That’s nice but what is he doing with his life?

ANNA: Joshua wants to get into acting. His mail distributing job is just temporary. He is constantly going on different types of auditions. And actually just got a call back from something today. (Sigh) That’s how we met. We both reached for Splenda packets at the same time. It was at that coffee shop you hate but I love. And granted he was grabbing the Splenda to stock up for his apartment and mine was for my coffee. We connected when I gave him mine too.

JAMES: Wow, you’re supporting him already.

ANNA shoves him

ANNA: I am not. He’s just being resourceful.

JAMES: Riiiight. He’s broke and is need of a Sugar-Momma.

ANNA: Come on?

JAMES: No Anna. Please don’t call him.

ANNA: I’ll just go on one date.

JAMES: Coffee?

ANNA: Drinks


ANNA: No, maybe some canoodling.

JAMES: Well be careful about what you put in your mouth.

ANNA hits JAMES on the leg

JAMES: Don’t want you getting an STD again, like you did in your undergrad years.

ANNA: Oh my God, let it go. I had a cold sore.

JAMES: It was hideous. (Laughs)

ANNA: I’m done with this convo. What’s going on with you and that writer?

JAMES: He still writes.

ANNA gives a pause to allow JAMES to re-answer.

JAMES: I’m over it.

ANNA: Dag, but he was nice.

JAMES: Yeah, to look at. Not much else.

ANNA: (Laughs) Well who’s the flavor of this week?

JAMES: (Appears nervous) There is none.

ANNA: What’s up? You’re not saying something.

JAMES: (Gets a little defensive) I am not hiding anything.

ANNA: (Puzzled) I didn’t say that.

JAMES: You implied it.

ANNA: No I didn’t.

JAMES: Whatever, Anna.

ANNA: (Throws up her hands) Oh my God. Why are you so defensive right now?

JAMES: (Loudly) I am not being defensive.

ANNA: Yeah okay, Asshole.

JAMES: Yeah, cause you know me SO well.

ANNA: I fucking do, James. My goodness, after all these years you’re still not willing to admit it?

JAMES: You think you do.

ANNA: No, you hate that I do. There is a difference.

JAMES: Whatever.

ANNA: Yeah, you keep saying whatever. (Stands up with her back towards him)

JAMES: I will.

ANNA: (Turns around and points at him) You know what? You will end up alone if you keep pushing people away. I’m the only one who stuck around because I believe you are worth the headache, they didn’t. But don’t push me too hard, or I will leave.

JAMES: Then leave.

ANNA: You don’t mean that.

JAMES just sat there and didn’t respond.

ANNA: (Visibly hurt) I’ll see you next time. Try not being pissy then.

JAMES just sits there. ANNA lets out an annoyed sound and walks off stage, but left her bag on the bench. JAMES sits there with his head in his hands.

JAMES: Anna, you don’t get it. I am harboring some emotions.

ANNA walks in as JAMES begins his sentence.

ANNA: About what?

JAMES: (Looks up startled) Nothing.

ANNA: It has to be something if you’re “harboring emotions” about it.

JAMES: Not now.

ANNA: (Walks over to sit on the bench and nudges him lightly) Come on.

JAMES looks at ANNA. She smiles and rubs his arm to comfort him.

JAMES: I don’t know.

ANNA: Come onnn. Trust me.

JAMES: I do trust you but I don’t feel like talking about it yet.

ANNA: Then why were you prepping?

JAMES: Because I wanted to see if I was ready.

ANNA: And you’re not ready to tell me… whatever it is?


ANNA: Okay, great.

JAMES: Don’t get upset. I’ll tell you eventually.

ANNA: (Obviously annoyed) That’s Fine, James.

They sit in silence for a few seconds.

JAMES: (Sighs) Remember when I told you a long time ago that I needed you to-

ANNA: Respect when you don’t want to talk. (Imitating JAMES) “I’ll bring it up when I’m ready or when I’m drunk.”

JAMES: Come on, Annaaa.

ANNA: (Fake smile) Well, this is me respecting your wishes.

JAMES: Thank you.

ANNA: You’re not welcomed. (Exhales loudly) I have no choice but to be obedient.

JAMES: Oh my god, you’re SO dramatic.

ANNA: (In one breath) Says the one harboring emotions he’s not ready to share with his best friend.

ANNA gets up and grabs her bag.


ANNA: (Sarcastically) I’m amazed too.

JAMES: (Rolls his eyes) About what?

ANNA: (Sarcastically) How far we haven’t come as friends.

JAMES: Can you NOT be like that?

ANNA: Let me see. (Pause) Nope

JAMES: (Stands up) This is why I need time to tell you.

ANNA shifts her weight a little from side to side for a few seconds and then sits on the bench again. JAMES stands in front of her.

ANNA: (Looks up at JAMES) Do you swear you haven’t told anyone else?

JAMES: I definitely haven’t.

ANNA: (Looks at him skeptically) Okay.

JAMES: What?

ANNA: I’ll wait. BUT pink swear you won’t tell anyone else before me. (Puts out her pinky)

JAMES: WHO am I going to tell?


JAMES: Oh my god, Okay. (Pinky swears with ANNA)

The lights black out.

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