Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love you two (part 3)

Scene 3
ANNA and JAMES are sitting on a blanket on the ground of the park. There is a picnic set up with Chinese food boxes instead of a basket of food. They are both wearing coats and slightly shivering.
JAMES: You lied to me!
ANNA: You would have never done this if I didn’t say it was going to be a nice Autumn Day.
JAMES: No. No I wouldn’t have, (Pause) WHY would you rather us shivering in the cold?
ANNA: I wanted us to change it up a bit. This is fun.
JAMES: Being cold is never fun.
ANNA: You know I enjoy being cold and bundled up.
JAMES: Well you’re about to enjoy it alone.
JAMES: (Whining) Whaaaaat? I love you, but I’M… cold.
ANNA: (Whining) JAMEESSSS. (Pouts)
JAMES: That doesn’t work.
ANNA: Why don’t you ever want to try new things with me anymore?
JAMES: I do but not when my warmth is in jeopardy.
ANNA: I could warm you up. (Starts rubbing him all over)
JAMES: Hey! Watch where those hands are going, Missy!
ANNA: Oh please, like I haven’t felt all the goods you got. (Laughs)
JAMES: (Laughs) You wish, Buddy.
ANNA: Right, like you don’t know what I mean.
JAMES laughs and grabs ANNA’S chest. ANNA laughs hysterically and shoves him off of her.
JAMES: Can dish it out but can’t take it, huh?
ANNA: Shut up. (Then grabs his chest)
JAMES: (Laughs) Too bad I don’t have anything there for you to grab.
ANNA moves her hands lower and grabs his stomach.
JAMES: If you go where I THINK you are, I am going to make you feel really uncomfortable in return
ANNA stops and looks at him. Then dives in for his crotch.
JAMES: Rape! (Then he reaches for ANNA)
ANNA giggles and gets up to get away. JAMES gets up as well and goes after her. They run around like little children at a playground.
JAMES: (Stops and catches his breath) When did you get so fast?
ANNA: When you kept out running me when we used to jog.
JAMES: So you’ve been jogging?
ANNA: Yup, every other day. (Pause) Alone.
JAMES: (Grabs her) You know I love you.
ANNA: Yeahhhh. I know.
JAMES pecks her on the cheek and hugs her tightly.
The lights fade. The scene ends.

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