Monday, January 3, 2011

Love you Two (part 4)

Scene 4

ANNA walks onto stage. She looks around and then looks at her cellphone. Then she walks over to sit on the right bench. She shakes her leg lightly and then increasing gets faster and faster the more time that goes by.

ANNA: Anna, he said he was definitely coming. He promised.

ANNA starts to hum to herself. Then she crosses her legs and shakes her top leg.

ANNA: He’s going to come.

ANNA stops shaking her leg and taps on her lap numerous times. It almost looks as if she’s playing a hand game. She gets up, pulls her phone out of her pocket, presses a button and then puts her phone to her ear.

ANNA: (Pause) Voicemail, great. (Pause) Yeah hey James, I’m going to leave the park now. Mainly cause you are a shitty person in my book. Well right now you are. Because you should have been here especially because you haven’t been around. Most importantly I haven’t been able to rely on you. (Pause) You say that you’re going to do something and then never do. Rusty shitted on my couch! Why? Cause you didn’t walk him like you swore you would! (Pause) UGH! I thought we got pass this stage of you being an unreliable friend, back in college. It’s creeping back now and I don’t like it. Get your shit together! Like you love to say to me so much. And you can call me back if you have the balls. (Then she hangs up)

ANNA puts the cellphone back in her pocket and walks off stage. And the lights fade.

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