Friday, February 11, 2011

Never say never is correct

So today a little boy, named Justin Bieber, reminded me that I should keep my mind and heart open. Its the only way to become successful and to live life. Restricting yourself from your best is your own endangerment.

My friend and I wore purple hoodies in support of the 16 year old. And decided to go to the theater while most of the kiddies were still in school. Therefore we went to the 1:45 show. At that time, it was just us and about 6 other people getting to know JB. We watched him receive his first pair of drums, hang out with his friends, get sick before his big MSG performance, and of course make millions.

Although I went to see Never say Never with a friend who is a HUGE fan. I actually learned a lesson from that movie. A life lesson that I need for this portion of my life.

Announcement: If you know a teenage girl who enjoys teen drama novels, let me know. I am working on a project for my book's marketing and would love to involve the actual age group that the book is for. So far I think only adults have read it. Which is great but I want to see how the younger adults feel about it. So please send me a message nominating your sister, niece, daughter, cousin, friend or whatever to possible help me out. There may be something in it for them too. But details will come later. :)

Go out there and be BIGGER!

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