Friday, July 15, 2011

How My____ Life all

Hey guys. I don't know why but my Blogger wouldn't let me post. SO FRUSTATING. I'm sorry its taken me so long to post. But here where my thoughts a few weeks ago.

It's funny how every character in my book reminds me of a friend in my past and in my present. Of course they remind me of friends from my past, all of them were based off of
them! Every single one of them.
Many people say Samantha reminds them of me, but in actuality, there are definitely things I
would not do that she does. She frustrates me sometimes. I think I was more like here back in the day but now, not so much. But I'm pretty sure I will always have Marlins and Justins in my life. Unfortunately I've never found my
Ericka- She's not a large presence in this book but I have written about her more in the first book for the trilogy. She's got some sass. What she's thinking and what she believes is always said. Ericka is a truly good friend, which you see when she does the sleepover for her bestie Samantha.
Dennis- He's one of my favorite characters. The friends I usually have that resemble him are my older brother figures. At the time of me writing My____ Life, I had a "older brother" whom I loved dearly. He was my world as Dennis is Samantha's.
Joshua- Love him. He also resembles the guys I'm close to as well. They're like brothers. sometimes act a little immature but so sentimental and compassionate.

The way I started to write this book is kind of funny. One of my close friends (from church while I was in Middle School) and I randomly were kind of bored and said we should write a story about our friends. At this point, I had been writing short stories and then stopped a little by the time Middle School rolled around. I was too busy chasing boys. I wrote like one page of it with her… maybe 5. And then left it. One day my dad found it and he was alarmed. This was because (Spoiler) the story started off with Samantha in a towel kissing her boyfriend, Marlin. Yup and Daddy wasn't too fond of that since Samantha and Selena resemble each other. So I quickly explained and hid it at my friend's house.
One day I was bored and this was my Senior Year in Middle School or Freshmen Year in High School. I started to write a story that took place a year after the one I had started to write prior about Samantha. And I couldn't put my pen down. I was captivated by this story I was telling. Of course life got in the way and had me writing off and on because I was getting at that age where boredom meant go hang out with friends. So it took yearrrssss for me to finish that story. But I finally did in college. I believe that the experiences I had within those years helped me make this story more than a traditional teen girl novel (which is the narrator looking for love and finding it after triumphs). Of course My ____ Life has some similarities to that but I put a little twist on it.
Whew that was a lot.
Well it has been a while since I last wrote. So there you go.

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