Friday, August 12, 2011

Company Culture

Hey everyone. I have been super busy at my internship but i have not forgotten my beloved blog. I actually wrote one for them i and I want you all to check it out. :)

Replaced the name of the internship name with the word internship

Question: What is the best part of {Internship}?

I’ve always believed that the culture and atmosphere of an organization comes from the persona of the owner. He or she sets the tone for everything that comes after, including productivity and employees.
I’d imagine that the bureaucratic  cultures are lead by the more machine-like personas. Every decision is made by your employee manual. You clock in, you clock out. There isn’t much left up to discussion or personal opinion. The rules are just that, rules.
How about the structure of management? Linear or a web? Vertical or Horizontal? Of course there are pros and cons to all. But establishing this is necessary. You can’t have an organization function properly without direction.
At {Internship}, our unique characteristic is family.  Our success as individuals and as a company is not a product of our cash flow, clientele, networking or other business attributes. It’s  from taking team morning jogs to set the mood for the rest of the work day. Sharing meals together at over favorite restaurant. Having “pow wows”, where we encourage and motivate each other. And having a management structure where the arrows in the diagram go back and forth rather than one way. In this environment, stress doesn’t last long. A helping hand is already lending itself to you.

A culture can’t be taught or bought, but embraced.  The {Internship} team is {Internship}=Family.
Answer: Our culture
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