Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is this Fashion Week people speak of?

This September, I had the lovely opportunity of joining the Fashionistas and Supremes of Glamour in their version of Easter Sunday (or Lent possibly). The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was everything... some of the things I assume many of us thought it would be. From the anticipation of waiting on replies to my numerous emails to the stress on my feet-- It was a fabulous week.

At my internship, the team was invited to a couple of shows. But the one that stood out was Tibi. Ohhh Tibi. I gained a great contact from that name; or at least I think she is a contact now. But more importantly, this was the show we were excited to go to. Okay, well I was excited to go to. I was very happy I got us into that show. But unfortunately as we approached the door, suddenly we weren't going INTO anything. The show had filled up and we weren't going to get into the show.

That blank represents the words I don't even know how to communicate. The frustration of that evening.

Although it would be easy to take my frustration out on Tibi (or the designer Amy, or my contact), I will refrain from doing so. It is not their fault, but I sure wish I didn't waste time and money just to miss going into the show. More importantly! Missing my chance to see SOPHIA BUSH. For all those who know me or are a fan of mine... you should know what that means. One Tree Hill.

Life goes on, as we learned in my last post.

Fashion's Night Out- NYC was the ultimate trendsetter for the week. My favorite area of the grand event was the Meat Packing District (where a friend asked, "why is it called the meat packing district? is that where they pack meat? why do we wanna go there?"). I got to see Usher go into Dolce and Gabana, where we all got a nice wave. But the most fun that night was when I almost broke my ankle on a slanted sidewalk.

Right then and there--- I decided this all was NOT worth an ankle. So life went on. But not before I was visibly annoyed about the whooolllleeeeee situation.

In conclusion, I am very happy I got to experience this glorious event. But the glam is solely for the celebs and hawty tawty media because it's their world. But I am going to anxiously wait for the day that Fashion Week will be the same for me as it is for them. That'll probably be A-mazing. Lets see how Fall 2012 goes. :) Yay. (Not sarcasm)

P.S. I did go to other shows. So it definitely wasn't a horrible week. Just wanted to make sure you lovely people knew that.

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