Friday, October 14, 2011

Interns, At Will, Contractor...

I am at the point where I think an intern or assistant would help my life. It's weird to think but a little bit of help and investment in someone would benefit me and the individual. Sigh. 

I enjoy working for other people. It can only benefit me in experience. Many of my friends know this about me because I can never stop talking about it. Everyone should double dip and have a job where they aren't the boss. Learn new managerial skills, communication techniques, and even expand your network. There is nothing wrong with not being your own boss, but know what it feels like to be one is a great experience as well. My favorite moment is when you have fun with your "subordinates". Having inside jokes with them and still knowing they respect you as a figure head.

"Firm, Fair and Friendly" my grandmother says. It's very true.

Firm: To gain their respect and even instill some fear into those who work for you. But fear does fade. Conviction and belief in their part encourages them to work even harder and to keep working.

Fair: No one likes someone who has favorites. I DEFINITELY have my preferred workers but... at the end of the day I enjoy having them there. And my relationship with each is unique. Favorites are a distraction too. I feel like you're less observant of everyone's work if you don't evenly distribute work and interaction. You can end up fooled into believing the wrong thing. And ultimately being fair also gains you respect and shows your integrity.

Friendly: Who likes a mean person in the workplace? No one. Instead, be nice. My favorite thing to do is to encourage people with cards. I HAND WRITE them and only write what I really truly mean. Even if the person doesn't appreciate my kind words (It's happened), at least I know my intention.

I'm going to revisit this topic probably. So stay tuned!

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