Monday, December 19, 2011

Am I happy at work?

Many times do people ponder this. Well more so stress themselves out by yelling, "I hate my job!". Cause lets face it, if you do... you just know.

In my life, I haven't had a job I've hated quite yet. Usually, when I feel the resentment and constant frustration coming along, I most likely will be leaving it shortly. Homie don't play that. Misery is not worth any money amount. Life is about living and if I am consumed in a job that frustrates me.. I might as well not be living.

I understand that this is not practical for many people but I'm not most people. Although I will say, I would work in a factory to make ends meet. But as soon as I HATE that job, I'm searching elsewhere. Then again, lets be real... if I'm working at a factory, I am going to be searching for a new job as they shake my hand saying I have the factory job. But back to my point, being happy at your job is important. Why? Cause you spend most of your hours and days working. So why be miserable?

Motivation & Productivity work hand at hand for all you managers out there. It's importante to make sure your employees feel valued and motivated. If you notice, most times productivity drops when those two are failed. Peter Drucker speaks about this in one of the books I've read by him. And I believe A LOT of managers don't see the direct connection work and contentment have. Employees not happy, soon your customers won't as well. And that means no money for you, which is VERY unfortunate. Mainly cause this all could have been prevented if you would have paid attention. In my opinion, many very large companies like Google or Twitter have adapted to this knowledge by giving their employees what they want but remembering work has to be done. And with that, they give them what they want but motivate them by showing "If you want this, we all need to keep doing...". Smart.

I am currently slowly be surely very hating my 9 to 5 job (last day Thursday). But I believe in always working for someone else. I think as a manager, this gives you an advantage of always staying humble and always advancing. You have the perspective of a manager and an employee always. For example, I understand how upsetting it is to have a late or skipped paycheck. Therefore, why would I pretend its no biggie for an employee of mine? This keeps things in perspective. My biggest tip, in life. (Not to mention, you will keep yourself on a better schedule. Keep yourself accountable of deadlines more efficiently for your own business. Because its not just your work that needs to be done but someone else's and you have to answer to them. Answering to someone else will always keep you more in line than just answering to yourself. To be continued...)

Employees who are in a rut at work, maybe you should change your way of thinking. Trying this may be just what you need at a deadbeat job. A book called Who Moved My Cheese taught me that. Its about the group but in the end you can only control yourself. Be Prepared for things. Don't be passive. Be smart instead. I think this book encouraged me most to think critically not only when reading literature or watching movies but also when I observe my surroundings/environment. There are different types of people in this world and I know what type of person I want to be, do you?

I may revisit this topic. I surprisingly had a lot to say. But I thought this would be a nice beginning.

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