Friday, January 13, 2012

Business Woman Wannabe

The good outdoors is supposed to fresh and enlightening. For me its more like stress but I can breathe a little better. 

As I have said before, I want to be honest with my followers. Well... There are five of those but I meant more so the page viewers I get everyday (By the way, yesterday there were A LOT).

Yes, I am a business woman but many times I feel like I am a Business Woman Wannabe. This means I'm into the idea of running my business but in the end of the day "Am I capable?" is the pressing question. I wannabe the best boss, I wannabe the best publicist, I wannabe the best writer (well maybe not grammatically). Either way, I wannabe a lot. So does that make me a wannabe or the actual thing?

Today I went to Pennsylvania to visit both of my stores. Yes, MY stores. I own both. YES, I am only in my early-mid twenties. No, I don't have a boyfriend/husband. Well depends on who you ask. Anyway, I went and met my newest employee. She's very peppy and is a bundle of bubble wrap. Exactly the type of girl I wanted. My Milford branch/location has a great vibe that customers love and keep coming back for without them even realizing. And I wanted to keep that atmosphere by hiring a personality like the New Girl's. 

Then I continued my day by venturing out to the Hawley branch/location. The building it's in is stunning. And  more importantly so was the store. I am very pleased. :)

But as I sat down and thought about the behind the scene issues we are having, I critically thought about what I could do to make it all better. As today went by, I have developed really good ideas to aware the area about the launch of this new store. Because trust me, if they knew, they would come. It's all about innovative publicity and promotion, which is what I am good at. Or am I? This brings me back to me being a wannabe.

I write, I manage, I strategize but what I am not making currently is a salary. And those who know me, I am a woman with a plan ALWAYS. So to be a freelance writer or marketing strategist, it's hard for me. The hard part is not fixating on the fact that you're not sure if 3 months from now, you'll have enough money to live off of.  In my mind, that is what freelancers do. That's what entrepreneurs do. But then there is the excitement of just getting that light bulb over your head and then trying the idea and then the idea ACTUALLY working. 

Am I a Business Woman? Literally, Yes. I own a business, run a business, I am about business. But I wannabe more. My fear is that everything will stop here and never progress further, which I can not allow myself to dwell on. For my business' sake, I need to believe in it because people believed in me. I have the ideas, I have the strength and I have the heart to make these businesses thrive. I think I just had to write all this to remind myself of that.

Here's to the new year of my being vulnerable. 

If you're an entrepreneur, remind yourself that you would have never started this if you couldn't follow through. 

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