Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great people talk about ideas

Others may find having or wanting a mentor is pathetic, unnecessary, immature, stupid or the like. But in my eyes I find it wise. Wisdom doesn't come with age, it comes with experience.

All my life I have always made a point to look up to someone. I constantly observe their actions, interpret their beliefs to make my own, and translate their personalities. This has contributed to me becoming the great person rather than an average or small person.

This may not make much sense to some of you but I hope that you reflect on what ways you'd appreciate having a mentor. In the end, it's your prerogative.

Yesterday I saw a twitter account for my once babysitter, Yandy Smith. Some of you may know her from Love & Hip Hop. I know her as Yandy, a very charismatic and cool girl I wanted to imitate as a young pre-teen. Now, I am a 20 something year old who wants to imitate an unstoppable business woman/executive. A woman who is making a name for herself and going after what she wants by using dedication and personality. And yesterday, I wanted to cry with every link I clicked on my blackberry. The more I learned more about her accomplishments, the more I wanted to cry.

Why did I want to cry? 
I had to really think about it. And I think I wanted to cry because I realized how close I was to such drive and "success" even before right now. In my mind, I am JUST starting to rub shoulders with "greatness"; when apparently I've been rubbing far longer than that. Does it matter? To me, Yes. Why? It's because I think that  it's important to feel like nothing is ever too far for you to reach. Therefore when someone you personally know is doing well or living the life they dreamed or fulfilling a dream; your ambitions transition into something not far from your reach. It becomes a reality.

But for some reason I feel like I kept subconsciously thinking, "When will it be my turn?" But I think that is something we all think at some point. For me, I wonder how I can be so close yet so far? But then I read my last blog and think, "Why's that doubt in my head?!". Why is that in my head, when on the screen I am writing something so powerful. I want to be the woman someone looks at and says "wow". But oh wait, there are people who already say that about me. And in my subconscious I think my un-fulfillment is that its not the right people I want to think that.

Young Women- The group of people who would make me feel like I'm successful. Why? It's because they are who- I do -what I do -for. I wanted my writing to encourage girls and make them believe they are not anything less than anyone who has fame, a black card or media coverage. Me speaking for myself is me speaking for them. I want them to look at me and say, "This girl reminds me of me." I want to mentor them with my words I want them to look at me like I looked at Yandy.

Mentors in Entertainment:
 Kelly Cutrone mentors Whitney Port in The City. 

Remember this:

Small people talk about other people
Average people talk about things
Great people talk about ideas

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