Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I met with another entrepreneur yesterday and I found myself saying that I want to expand and diversify my experience repeatedly. And I told him, I believe it may be because of the generation I'm a part of. We all want to experience new things. Not get stuck in one category. And we like excelling by learning from our different experiences. (As I spoke about in another post) This man assumed there wasn't much left for me to learn, in his mind I could tell that he believed that I needed to DO. Go out there and use my talent/skill/expertise to advance businesses, including my own. And that brought me to Millennials.

Millennials are taking over

As many Americans are aware of, there was a Healthcare Reform passed not too long ago. One of the most highlighted change was allowing children to be on their parents' health insurance until they are 26. Unsurprisingly this change benefited President Obama's largest campaign supporters, the millennials. But the President
Lebron James. Plays for Miami Heat.
isn't the only person to wise up on the perks of making millennials happy; many major companies and businesses have too.

Who's going to run the world? They will. These leaders of today were born from 1980 to 1995. About 80 million live in America  currently. There are many characteristics they have, including being some of the best workers you could have; meanwhile others can't be trusted.

Whitney Port. Designer of Whitney Eve.
Employers are in need of being aware of who this generation is. For example, many of them have seen the world but haven't had a job and worked. This makes them worldly but not experienced. CBS News made a great point in saying that once upon a time, it was frowned upon to have four different jobs in one year. Now it's the norm and is a product of trying new things. 

But lets look at our most popular millennials; Lebron James, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Prince William and Prince Harry. How about Mark Zuckerberg? He's not still living at home with his mother, he also has a job, and is worth $17.5 Billion (as of September 2011). These individuals show the magnitude of how much a millennial can do. Their way of thinking outside the box includes the conviction of not settling. CBS News says this was a product of seeing how settling failed their parents. Which has driven them to be capable of doing all the things their parents only dreamed of.  

Moral of this story is that changing with the times can only benefit your company. Have nap rooms and happy hours like Zappos.com. Recruit new employees through Facebook. Or like me and fellow freelancers, live and breathe networking on social media. In the short and long run, these will all be worth it.


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