Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That Fear was SO yesterday

Today I have been playing all the Batman movies in my apartment. Currently, I am up to Batman Forever.

I am a bit intrigued by Dr. Chase Meridian. She's a strong woman, who is one of the many who fall for Batman. Nicole Kidman (Dr. Meridian) was a vixen.

When I was a kid, I thought everyone in this movie was super cool but I didn't understand how they were able to just change Batman into Val Kilmer. My dad said to me, "They can even change him into a Chinese or Black guy. It doesn't matter."

Besides Jim Carrey stole the show.

Anyway, Press Release.

In college, I took a PR Writing course. I was so excited. But when we got our Press Release grades back, I was pissed. My professor didn't think it was good. He thought it needed a lot more work. And of course, as a writer this bruised my ego tremendously. Not to mention, towards the end of the course we were able to resubmit projects. I of course chose the press release to be one, but still I was not fully satisfied with the grade I received. Therefore I have been convinced that I am not good at them.

This brings me to my current issue. If I'm going to be working in public relations, how the heck am I going to avoid press releases? The answer is that I can't. So I need to build confidence and get to writing. Especially since I have a "client" who kinda needs them. I find that politicians find press release a necessity.

Here is one of the sites I am using to help me with my structure .
I'll keep you updated on my progress on it. Post the final product too.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve something. Especially when he's the one at a crummy job with crushed dreams. 

Update on the My____Life prequel: It has a title and I finished a chapter yesterday. Tomorrow I will most likely continue to do another one or two chapters. A Peek: Samantha is a bit different in this one. Not as strong in my eyes. And it takes place at a time I have passed. One of the hardest tasks as a writer but not impossible is to relate to situations you may or may not have experienced. I like to watch shows like Gossip Girl or The Hills to get me back into the nonsense of High School. It helps a ton. That's my writers tip.

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