Monday, January 9, 2012

Who's that girl? Lalalalalalalalalala

So my Press Release is not done but I'm glad a lot of you read it. How do I know? Haha I just assume those page reviews meant you actually read it.

Anyway, today is not about my press release, it's about females in the media. Love it!

Rachel Zoe. Tyra Banks. Kimberly Kardashian. Khloe Kardashian. Kourtney Kardashion. Kimora Lee Simmons. Lauren Conrad. Guliana Rancic. Kendra Wilkinson. 

Of course there are "articles" or reviews of the hottest female reality stars, but who cares about that. I want to focus on the ones who influence other females to strive for more. Girls want to be the next Kardashian, style like Rachel and do everything like Kimora. But why? 

Some people review Reality TV as the worst thing that happened to television, but ironically enough its what keeps people watching TV. From Dancing with Stars to Surviving a horrific camping trips, people are consumed.

The Kardashians. Khloe-Kourtney-Kim are the 21st century version of the new Three Sisters (Chekhov), but of course happier and less morbid. These women really have found a way to be influential to our young girls today without being bad role models. Some parents may disagree, but if you think about it, none of them have been caught snorting crack in restaurant bathrooms or cutting up their faces to look like cats. KK women work, play and keep it real. Do I know if Kim's wedding wasn't a complete PR stunt? No, but even if it was, I applaud it from a business perspective. Publicity stunts are just that, publicity. And if you can't take the game, go play another one. I believe these women have shown nothing but the fun side of professionalism. Personally, my fave sister is Khloe. I can relate to her most and its nice to see your type of personality admired by many. I am honest and loyal; both sometimes get me in trouble or unnecessary altercations with friends and family like Khloe. Whether its Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe & Lamar, Kim & Kourtney take New York, or Khloe & Kourtney take Miami, I'm pretty much hooked.

Tip: I find myself learning more about media and partnered industries when I watch shows like these. My fave is when a show mentions Fashion Week (FW). I pay attention to the different aspects they display or names of companies or key players.

Rachel Zoe. This is one of the newer reality stars I've watched within this last year. The Rachel Zoe Project isn't my fave show but it definitely helps me with understanding some fashion industry stuff (couldn't think of a better word). Only reason I'm not the biggest fan of the show is cause its kinda the same thing over and over again. Someone leaves the company- OMG. They hire someone new- BUHNANAS. Will they cut it?- Yo no se. It's Fashion Week- Crazy Crazy. Now its Oscar season- Style Style. Repeat. So... that's why I'm kinda eh about it. And I feel like her personality is very blah. BUT I will say, she's amazing at delegating and time management (granted she has flopped at that from time to time on the show, but I like the realism). I admire as a business owner that she has so much faith in her staff and that she doesn't have her hands in every single thing. That's amazing. And real. As women, we try to do everything but the fact of the matter is we can't. So A+ to her.

Insight: In your own life, sometimes reality can seem unrealistic. For example, I'm in my early 20's and have a published book.

Kimora Lee Simmons. She has been my fave for the past few days. This mogul is a sum of what I hope to be one day; especially a mom. She's an amazingly involved mother. Kimora is everything Reality TV should be. As an entrepreneur, I have found security in her for my future. Granted I may not end up a gazillionaire like her, I hope that I'll begin to manage both family and business like she does. As I posted on my facebook fan page, the way her show is filmed is admirable. It ultimately focuses on her managing business and family. From what I've watched so far, nothing has ever been about her love life and in depth personal life, personal professional drama. And even her pregnancy wasn't a focus on the show. That's fabulous.

There is so much more I can write about this topic but I don't think I'll have everyone's interest for that long, but look out for additions to this post later on. And don't forget to keep it real like reality (so corny but cute).

*I proofread for once. YAY

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