Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 3: Be Nice

Photographed by RC3Design
Venexiana Fall 2012

Advice in my opinion is an asset to life; whether you take it or not. Hearing what someone has to say sometimes opens you to understand xyz more. And sometimes it even teaches you just how much you disagree. Either way, without advice, you're a fool.

On Day 3 of Fashion Week, the advice to be nice had a grand presence. It was in my conversation with two people I don't even know, two separate times and places, but both were fashion related. With that said, I listened to what they were telling me  and I realized (by the second convo) that the perception people have about this industry may be wrong. Many people believe that they have to imitate a diva persona to get ahead but it seems that just the opposite is being passed on by great personalities of this world.

The media/entertainment industry, especially reality tv, does not help. I agree with this but people need to realize that those things should not dictate your beliefs. For example, I know plenty of people who love Miranda Presley in Devil wears Prada. And some of those people have taught themselves that being that way is the only way to be at that rank and surrounding. This is unfortunate and foolish. Cause even If everyone was that way in that industry, wouldn't you think the nice person would be the one that stuck out? Let that marinate.


Miss USA Alyssa Campanella,
 Miss Teen USA Danielle Doty

Miss Universe Leila Lopes
Venexiana: I was very excited to attend this show and it did not disappoint. The clothes were beautiful, as well as the people. There were little fumbles on the runway but I LOVED THAT. I don't know but it just made me smile and I think it's cause it portrayed what I tell you guys all the time. We are not perfect and imperfections sometimes are what's most admirable. For Example, like my imperfection in not proofreading my writing all the time. Haha. But in the end, the show was a pleasure to attend. And I even got to go backstage. Seeing Kati Stern up close was kinda amazing too (aka REALLY AMAZING). She has intrigued me to find out more about her. The woman is dedicated if she can come up with 70 designs for one collection. Look at her proving my "12 minute show" remark out the water. I like that.

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