Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 7: For the Love of Music

Some of you may have noticed an increase of tweets or posts about a singer named Candice Anitra. And if not, you're going to hear her name now for the remainder of this blog. Last Night I took another break from Fashion Week and took a peek at the music industry. And what I found was some amazing Shit. Oops the language.

Photographed by RC3Design
I'm not a stranger to the industry but now that I am older, I think my spidey senses were a lot more aware of what was going on. And in result, gave me a broader perspective. Instead of being proper, the people are more transparent. What you see is what you get. There is no sheep clothing, there is just clothing. And I LOVE IT. I met one person, who I feel I should keep nameless, and he was very blunt and candid at the same time. I appreciated his handshake, his introduction, his everything. This is a tad different from Fashion, in my experience.

Photographed by RC3Design
Candice Anitra: Big Tree Listening Party- This event was a success. As everyone mixed and mingled for the beginning; there was a large transition when the first Track started to play. Everyone was silent, everyone was engaged. There were heads bobbing and mouths shut. Candice herself was indulged in the music, even though I'm sure she's heard it thousands of times already. Captivity is the perfect description.

Many people say music is their life, their love, their purpose. But Candice explained that what she is doing is a "necessity, not a hobby". And from the looks of that room... I believe she's right.

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