Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 8: Last Day of Fashion

The week has finally ended. And I'm a little more down about it than I thought I would be. Many of you may think I am a fashion hater but I am slowly becoming a lover.

Things I will miss about the events are...  Although it was tiring going in and out of NYC all eight days, it was also exciting! Meeting new people was at the top of my fave list. Preparation was a pain in the butt, BUT for some strange reason the thought of all I did makes me smile. It's like when you solved that hard math problem in the 3rd grade and finally got it or doing Sudoku. The ability to work through it is very pleasing. And this is something RC3Design and myself had the ability to do.

Last night I had the pleasure of rejoining the Nolcha crew at an Fashion Week Closing party. It was perfect. I loved being able to just talk to people, make new acquaintances and not feel the pressure of not feeling quite good enough. It was comfortable and reassuring instead. I brought two friends along who started the dancing on the dance floor (they were very excited). And afterward we got to have margaritas and a late dinner at Sombrero. Cochinita Pibil was flawless! OMG. Ideal way to end an inspiring night and week.

Another favorite part was the feeling of being a part of something. I got a lot of buzz this week. I thank everyone for their kind words and referrals. Tweets I got from @EmpireRooftop @SohamDaveNY and others were warming. ...Yes, I'm getting sentimental on you guys. I can't help it. I've met and interacted with really great (wish I could think of a better word) people/companies/designers/businesses/personalities/celebrities within these eight days. For goodness sake, I even went back stage at Venexiana. You'd be sentimental too.

In all, I hope next season brings even more. Not for money, not for fame. But for the experience.

TTFN Fashion Week!

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