Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day2: Oh the Atmosphere

Besides sitting on my couch with a heating pad on my back, doing some social media management and watching Private Practice... I did not witness any additional shows on Friday. BUT I still have some stuff on my mind.

Designer Pamela Quinzi
Taken by RC3Design
Pamela Quinzi's launch party was like going to a friend's birthday party. I've had times I go because I really want to support them but then I get there and know no one. And you feel a little out of the loop cause it isn't your usually group. Awkward. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but it caught me a little off-guard. There were some others who felt the same. But seeing how excited Pamela and friends were, was nice to witness. Although it wasn't enough for me to stay until the collection was actually presented.

At Pamela Quizi Launch Party
Taken by RC3Design
Favorite moment: The DJ announced two important people just walked into the building (June Ambrose and another woman). A photographer walks up to me and says, "Do you know who they are?" I felt a little embarrassed cause I felt like I should, but said, "No". He laughed, " Me neither. Then they probably aren't worth taking photos of. This is a waste of my time." --- This by far summed up my experience at this event.

Congrats to Pamela Quinzi on her new shoe collection

One thing that aggravates me about Fashion Week is the arrogance people display. Not everyone displays it, but unfortunately many people do. For some reason this event changes nice people into pompous ones. All of a sudden their... you know what doesn't stink. And I don't like that. Everyone who is anyone seems to be at Fashion Shows. But in my opinion, not everyone is "somebody". Although many of the attendees seem to think otherwise.

LESSON: We should stay humble. My belief is that there is no success in pride. 

P.S. I know who June Ambrose is now. But still can't find the name or picture of the other lady. Don't worry, I will keep looking.

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