Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fashion Week Edition: Fat Ugly Stupid Insecure

Fat Ugly Stupid Insecure --- As I am preparing my clothes for Fashion Week (FW), I surround my thoughts on all the words not said about this joyful week. While preparing my outfits for each day, I realized just how many imperfections I am worried about. This is of course normal for a female my age and size, but is a bit ironic considering the event I am preparing myself for.

A group of my college friends and I called these times the FUSIes. Everything you can feel about yourself, you do; but this does not make it true. But take a look behind the glam of my side of FW. 

Heels: I have these very high JLO pumps that are beautiful to look at but are a killer to walk in. So I sat there and debated with myself if I should torture my feet with having to walk blocks in those heels. More importantly, the EMBARRASSMENT if I trip or fall in them. As I've heard before, "There is nothing worst than watching a girl who can't walk in heels". I definitely don't want to be That girl. 

Last season's FW, I was suckered into wearing those pumps and it was Fashion's Night Out. By the end of the night, I hated the 3 1/2 gay men I was with (in their flat shoes haha). Why suffer through something like that just to look "pretty"? I would have looked just the same without those shoes. Just saying.

Spanx: I love my outfits to death, but lets face it... I am NOT a model. I'm not even the person who attends these things that looks as if she should be on the runway. I'm an everyday woman. A working woman. ... Let's be real, a woman with a belly she rather not have. I'm not the woman who would commute in 5 inch heels cause it makes her legs look amazing. I'm the one who would be wearing flats for practicality. BUT I would wear a control top to help smooth out some areas on me. This just helps me to feel better cause I won't have to suck in my belly for every photo or angle myself accordingly. Is there some discomfort  after a while? Yes. But the confidence in not having to adjust your clothes the whole evening is priceless.

 I LOVE false lashes. They make me feel like I'm going somewhere special. Every flutter of my eyes, I feel make them glisten and twinkle. If I know anything in life, it's that I'm not ugly and that my eyes are one of my best physical attributes. 

At events like FW, I think some females get lost in what is most important. It's not only about how you look, but how you feel. I'm sure when I'm uncomfortable in what I'm wearing, I don't look as flattering. But when I am confident and the FUSI's aren't in my way, I look like I should be on a runway. 

Therefore FW tip of today, dress to impress for those eight days, but ultimately dress to feel good. 

What are you wearing?

dedicated to the Hood Squad

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