Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Week: Social Rejection

Before Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (#MBFW) actually happens, there are many things to consider before you think you're going to go waltz into the tent and schmooze all day and night. For one, there are a series of emails that have to be sent out. Well for those who aren't an Oscar nominee or Anna Wintour, we have to send emails. And if you don't have an intern or assistant to help you with these... YOU definitely have a lot of emails to send out. And many of these emails will have replies that say as follows...

Hi Selena,
Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately due to capacity we are unable to accommodate your request for the Richard Chai show.

They vary in how they tell you the news, but they are all along the same lines. And I am here to tell you, do not take it personally. It doesn't mean you have failed to be the best in your field or your invitation request wasn't elegant enough. And ultimately it doesn't mean you're not impressive. The reality of it all is that... you're probably not going to make them money, so why waste a seat? And they are absolutely right; which is unfortunate for you. But you need to be mindful of these things. 

There are of course other designers and fashion shows during "Fashion Week". You need to look for those and support them. Mercedes Benz is the top of their class but aren't the only ones making a buzz. Therefore if you're a photographer, journalist, fashionista, stylist or whatever; you can find other places to exercise your  talent and find inspiration. 

Reminder: Also, don't forget that you can watch the shows live from the runway on Youtube. 

What are your anticipated Fashion Week moments?

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