Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FW: Money... Sigh (Part One)

Obviously we aren't all Rolling in the Deep when it comes to cash flow. But by no means does this excuse us from having a first class, inconceivable, mind-blowing, prodigious time at FW. This just means we need to plan better and work a little harder at it.

Dining at the best locations may not be unfathomable. Did you know it is Restaurant week in New York? Well it is and ends Friday. Therefore, maybe try an elegant restaurant to christen your FW. Then after that, be more concerned about your pockets.

Finding Cheap Eats is not an easy taste. I could eat from a street vendor any day, but where would you sit in this frigid weather? That may become a problem. A habit I picked up from when I traveled in Europe was eating at buffets. This flat fee of probably less than $10 will fill you up for the majority of the day. And look at that you Do get to eat more than a satisfying amount. I always come through.

If you're looking to eat near Lincoln Center, this is a more strategic taste. I am a true believer in it's okay to eat appetizers for your meal. BUT you do not want to be fulfill once you pay the check. Therefore, look up the menus and reviews for each place you may want to visit during your week of fashion. This will help you make a custom budget for that location and keep you from being smacked in the face by the total on your bill after eating.

My Tip: If you're not into names and prestige, settle for maybe going a distance away from Lincoln Center. It will amaze you in the difference a couple of blocks can make in price.

Next Money saving tip will be on clothes & transportation.

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