Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Journal Writing

Journal Writing can save lives, in my opinion. In many ways I believe it saved mine. I have journals dated back to 3rd grade. There are even numbers on the front of them so I don't forget the order.

Recently, I took my journals out of my writer box and decided to read some of the pages. After reading through one, I was hooked. It was like watching a novella. "I like Chris" "I hate Chris" "I'm mad at Lauren because she likes..." You get the picture. But as the journals get closer to my current age, I realized how much I grow. I begin to want to focus on more than just boys at just 14 years old. And not almost more than 10 years later, I still have that mentality. Talk about dedication. Now I prefer focusing on things that make a better me, enhances my life, helps me live life. But of course... a few "I like (Name Here)..." entries sneak in.

My tip for today is writing in a journal can only be beneficial. Whether it is for therapeutic reasons or de-stressing. No matter if you're a writer or not, using this simple task can make life so much easier.

I love my friends with not a piece but my whole heart. But with that said, I know my friends are at the age where friendships take a backseat to romance and the families they are making. Therefore, I get the boot a lot of the time. Does it burn? Yes. But it's reality. And as a person with a best friend who has kids already, I can say honestly, I'm grateful for the times I get to just talk to her about what's stressing me. And vice versa. And same with my other friends, especially the ones who aren't single. One by one, friends are pairing off. But that shouldn't mean you have no other way of venting or talking through something. And this is where I have found journal writing helpful.

TIP: When you don't have a safe place to vent, you end up writing stupid comments on social media. I bet you, Chris brown or his PR team wish he had a notebook that he could written his angry thoughts down instead of twitter.

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