Tuesday, February 28, 2012

With their powers combined

If you follow my facebook fan page, you would know that from time to time I spotlight certain entrepreneurs, talents and professionals that have made me say, "Wow... and I know you". And this has happened for a month or two straight now and I think it's time to give them a well deserved blog spotlighting.

I picked four ladies, (mainly cause I'm a lady) who are young (cause I am also young) and are thinking outside the box of business. All doing something that makes you think, "Man, that could be me".

First up is Yondel Benjamin,Owner, Wig Designer, Author and Educator at Queens of Weave Lace Wigs. She is a Lace Wig Designer; not only that but an author and educator on wigs. Yondel developed her own wig empire called Queens of Weave Lace Wigs in 2009. Many times she won't only give instructions/tips about your weave, but will even use herself as an example. One time she even stood out during a storm for her customers. That is dedication.

I'm a true believer that only the people who get their hands dirty are blessed somehow. *wink*

Angeline- Rose TroyCEO & Founder at Cassiopeia Productions LLC. Another multi-title woman; she is an actor, producer and now CEO & Founder of Cassiopeia Productions LLC. Angeline has starred in other films. Recently announced a film she helped produce, "Ever Last" written/directed by Chris Dimoulas, will be shown at the Garden State Film Festival. And her next project is already post-production. Whew. You can even check her imdb profile for more.

I always say Idle hands can be your worst enemy and destroyer of many. Obviously this isn't the case for these girls. 

Singer/Songwriter, Annie Kish fits right in with this inspiring crew. Years ago I wrote a feature on her in college. I pulled it up just so I could quote it. “ 'I just want to sing. I don’t care if it’s a bar, if it’s on a park bench. I just want to sing, and I want someone to want to listen because it just might erase their bad day for a moment or two. I don’t need them to worship me, or even come back again to listen. I just love who I am when I sing and how I feel, and I want someone to stop and clear their minds for a minute just like I do with my favorite music. I like singing to be intimate, because it’s something I’m so passionate about. Even if I’m in an auditorium of a thousand people, I want it to feel like there are only two people there. Me as one, and the audience as the other.' The words of our very own ray of sunshine."


Baaba Christian wraps things up with being the owner and fashion designer of BChris Couture. I haven't spotlighted her on facebook yet, but she will most likely be next. As long as I have known her, she has been making clothes. I STILL have a jean skirt she made me. Even though it doesn't quite fit like it used to; I still have an original piece made by her. Baaba has done numerous fashion shows now, and is definitely determined to not stop there.

This brings me to what I want to say about young female professionals. Men... older folks... watch out. Women like these are popping up all over the place. I would like to think it's because there is something embedded in our generation to be something even greater than "normal". But the truth may be that we are all in good company. Or had really great people to look up to growing up. Or maybe it's reality TV. I don't know. One by one, I hope we all inspire the generation that comes next. Girls, if we can do it... so can you.

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