Saturday, February 4, 2012

Work Work Work

My mom says, "There are more important things in life" referring to work. 
Grandma says, "I love that you're doing so much but don't forget about a family and kids" 
A bff of mine says, "You work too much"
Another bff says, "Don't forget to sleep"
And another bff says, "You're gonna do great"

I say, I love what I'm doing and until it is stable and can take care itself... I will be diligent in making sure my businesses run well. If that means ACTUALLY staying up until 1am or 2am, I will. These are called sacrifices. Although I still make sure I have my 20-something nights here and there. Work is a priority. 

Lesson I'm learning is that there are some things more important than work. But what I'm finding difficult is figuring out how much more important is work than those things when you're struggling. Does family still trump work when you only have five dollars left? Does a romance trump work when a once-in-a-lifetime chance is offered? Are there exceptions to when work does become a priority over things people put it below?

This may all seem confusing but that is only the TIP of what I've been thinking about for the past week.

I have forgotten that my first love wasn't a Rapper in the Bronx, at 16 years old. My first love was and is writing. But not just writing... its more so about the thoughts that I put together to make something special and unique. Work isn't more important than that. 

My advice to you, Readers, is to make sure you focus on the love you have for your talent, skill, attribute, personality or whatever it may be that excites and warms you. Because even when you are physically alone or feeling lonely, you'll always have that thing. Even work can't be more important than that. 

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  1. I understand. It's all about living a life of harmony where you can do what you love while being surrounded by the people you love. Great post! =D!