Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ever Last with Angeline- Rose Troy

Did I mention I had a clogged ear during the movie? Small detail I thought of as I just blew my nose.
With that said, lets move on to my interview with the actress and producer Angeline-Rose Troy. She plays Kimberly Alves in Ever Last. And was very hands on with the whole development of the film. 

From Left to Right: Cris Colicchio, Angeline-Rose Troy, Sean T. McGrath & Chris Dimoulas

S.A.E: What made you want to produce this Ever Last?

Angeline-Rose Troy: I had read many drafts of Ever Last over the course of Chris' writing process and I enjoyed watching as each evolved more and more. It's a really interesting process and to be in on it really endeared this whole project to me. Chris asked me if I would play the role of Kim and I of course accepted- I found Kim to be very interesting because she comes from a place of independence and strength that is refreshing. We were about a week into pre-production when Chris' original producer realized that due to her other commitments, she was unable to continue with Ever Last; it was a feature and required a great deal of time and dedication. Since there was so much work to do and I knew our goals and constraints, it just seemed to make more sense to take on the producer role rather than continue to search for someone else. Chris and I met about it, understood that we were on the same page about what we wanted and expected out of the production in terms of quality, professionalism and of course budget. Then I assumed the role of producer. I had no idea how all consuming producing a feature was- casting, location scouting, obtaining permits, communicating with union reps, payroll and insurance agents, craft services, lodging, meals and transportation for crew. And that barely scratches the surface. We had a small but very talented crew and being able to shoot a feature on our minuscule budget and in 19 days was not an easy task- but we got it done and it was incredibly rewarding.

That does sound like a lot of work. Heavy-lifting. I'm sure you have muscles from production. 

S.A.E:  As a woman... not that I'm a feminist or anything, we have been inspired by so many great women before us and now we have the chance to be that for the young women coming after us. What do you aspire to be one day?

Angeline- Rose Troy: My aspirations and long term goals continue to expand with each experience I have- I started out modeling as a child and that got me into acting. And since I loved the stage and screen so much, I figured that's only what I should do. Then in college I became involved with the wardrobe and costume department and saw a whole other side of what goes into a film and a play or musical. I had no idea of the tremendous amount of work and attention to detail that "behind the scenes" people put in! After I produced Ever Last, I knew that it was a role I wanted to assume again and I hope to continue to produce projects that I see something really special in, but of course acting will always be my first love. You asked what my aspirations are and it sounds corny, but I aspire to give everything that I choose to do my all, in work and in life. The challenge of venturing into the unknown, giving your work all that you can and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with a completed project is so immense, that even though you're mentally and physically exhausted, you can't wait to push yourself further the next time. I think now is a wonderful time, for women especially, to feel empowered to choose to follow the path of our choice and take risks because you really can't know what you're capable of until you try and try again. 

Angeline-Rose Troy & Sean T. McGrath

If you read this and aren't encouraged to go after your own goals, you're screwed up in the head. Go Out There and LIVE! Many people wonder why I push people so hard and it's because it is obvious that it's only  a reach away. Just extend your arm a little. Okay, maybe a lot sometimes. And if you're ever debating about living life to it's fullest, take a look at people like Miss Troy. 

Left to Right: Chris Dimoulas, Angeline-Rose Troy & Sean T. McGrath

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