Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ever Last with Chris Dimoulas

Not that cupcakes are more important than the film, but I have to confess I breathed (aka inhaled) my Red Velvet cupcake from Ava's cupcakes (It was in my goodie bag from the screening). Yum. 

From Right to Left: Eloy J. Delgado, Chris Dimoulas, Angeline-Rose Troy, Sean T. McGrath. 

Now for the anticipated interview with the Writer and Director of Ever Last

S.A.E:  Often times as a writer, your story finds you in a specific way. While you're on vacation staring out your hotel window, at the playground watching your kids or even just sitting at a coffee shop staring at your computer screen. But the result ends up being a story you've got to tell. How did your story come to you? And even what influenced it as well? 

Chris Dimoulas: The story for Ever Last originally just started when I was a freshman and I wanted to write a script for Sean T. McGrath, so that we could one day work on a film together. At the time he was a little on the overweight side as you remember, and so I thought it would be interesting to write a story about an overweight superhero. There is a very stereotypical image people see when they think of superheroes, or just major male characters in films. I wanted to change that and do something different. So it started off as a very straight forward script about an guy with superpowers, who was trying to get a girl. It was much more of a comedy then, sort of like a Seth Rogen type of superhero. But after a while I put it aside, because I just didn't think it was all that good. I didn't start it up again until my junior year, when I was taking a course in Creative Writing. One of the exercises required us to write a break up scene, where one of the characters was immortal and had superpowers, and the other had to be regular. And that's when I realized the story shouldn't be about the immortal, but it should be about a regular person having to deal with that character in extreme circumstances. So I plugged the characters I already had created into that exercises, and the script just grew from there. It gave me a good idea of how I wanted to write a whole feature about these two characters, and I really wanted to write a feature length draft as just a personal goal. In terms of influences of writing a script there really were none, except for a Franco-German film that probably not many have heard about called Wings of Desire. The film City of Angels was a loose remake of that film. Wings of Desire was about an angel who falls in love with a woman, and decides to become human so he can experiences human emotions with her. I wanted Ever Last to have the same sort of tone that Wings of Desire had.

S.A.E: What's been the best part of this journey of making Ever Last come to life?

Chris Dimoulas: Probably the best part of making Ever Last was of course when it was finished haha. All the pieces came together in a way that I was really happy with. So many people throughout the entire process, from pre-production to the finished product, helped me reach that moment. And I am eternally grateful that I had such a wonderful cast and crew.

S.A.E: As many people asked after the movie, What is your next project or hope for your next project? 

Chris Dimoulas: I don't really like to talk about screenplays that aren't finished. It's almost like this thing that if I talk about it too much I will never get it done. But I am in the process of writing two feature length screenplays right now, in genres pretty out there in comparison to Ever Last. And I would of course love to film either of them one day, hopefully I will get the chance to.

Left to Right: Angeline-Rose Troy, Sean T. McGrath, & Chris Dimoulas

For all the writers out there, keeping up with a story sometimes takes years. So to see the fruit of someone else's labor is encouraging to see. It can give all of us hope that with hard work comes something you can be proud of.

Congrats to Chris Dimoulas!

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