Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life of an Entrepreneur 1

Hello there.

As I met numerous people this past month, I learned more and more about myself. For example, I knew I had chosen three things to specialize in (Entrepreneurial stuff, writing, and PR). What I didn't know was that most of what I do has or should have a connection to each. AND this is what all of you would like to see from me. Therefore I decided to make sure all 3 parts have their own times to shine. Liiiikkkkeee Me being an entrepreneur.

If you own a small business or are starting out, you may be well acquainted with a difficult part of it. It's the part where the business is making money; you have clients, you have customers. People are interested in this service, product or whatever it is you have. BUT you're not making money from any of it. Although your employees don't miss a paycheck.

You heard me correctly. And I'm sure the people who have gone through this shook their heads because it is true for many of us. Working for yourself doesn't mean all the money goes to yourself. You have employees you have to make sure are happy. Otherwise, who will take their place if they decide to leave you?

Note: Of course this isn't a situation you stay in forever, hopefully.

This year I vowed that I wanted to be the boss that makes my employees' "fires", my "fires". This means, a worry of theirs is a worry of mine. An emergency for them is an emergency for me. An inconvenience for them is an inconvenience for me.

So far, I think I've been doing a good job. Well... I hope so. I'm trying.

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