Thursday, March 22, 2012


It feels like I haven't written in a while. I apologize for that, things have been chaotic in S.A.E world. But as i tweeted 2 nights ago, I am determined to start Project Move Out. This will be a way to encourage the amazing Millenial generation to get up and out of their parents' home. Yes, some of us millenials don't live with our parents but many of us do. 

TIME Moneyland & Today shined some light on the trend, but I'm going to say my piece on it. 

1. The biggest excuse our fellow Millennials use to stay in their parents' home is the infamous "Economically, it makes more sense." 

My response to that is there are many things that are economically sensible. Not having cable, no pets, not getting the newest iPad, taking public transportation, not shopping name brands and the list goes on. But I'm sure that many of you do so. You go out to eat instead of cooking your own meals, traveling on credit cards to foreign countries, and whatever else. So please don't say it's more sensible without evaluating everything else you are doing. Cause this excuse sounds a lot like, "Why move when I can stay comfortable at home?" 

2. "I just got out of school"

In that case, you should be running from the dorms to your own apartment. Just saying. 

3. "Why rush?" 

The answer to this is simple, the rush is an opening  to SO much more than just having your own space. Trust me. 

In the end, this campaign I want to start is not about bashing people who live with their parents. Not at all. It takes guts to do something like that. Well especially for those of us who went to live on a college campus for four years. 

This IS about empowering the Millennials to be amazing in every aspect of their lives and not just business. We are making ground-breaking stats as a generation... creating Facebook, breaking records in the NBA, and so much more. Granted we aren't all making millions or billions like those people, but we all have that potential in us. So why settle for living with mom and dad when we could be living with friends and struggling together? Or making ourselves SO uncomfortable that we strive and push to find solutions to regain comfort? I'm just putting a voice to our potential as a generation. 

Lets start this campaign starting today. #ProjectMoveOut