Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Stress of the Morning Commute


If you follow me on Twitter (@sele_ana) you would be well acquainted with my njtransit rants. And they hhave known to be retaliated by @NJTransit_CEO. Even my lovely client @Eloyeli22 has found himself in a twitter fight with the user.

I am here to formally say that New Jersey Public Transportation not only doesn't make sense but wastes money constantly. For example, a Lightrail train in Newark, NJ doesn't connect with the Hudson Bergen County one. What is that?! Not only that, the Hudson Bergen County Lightrail has this ridiculous ticket system that basically has people taking the transportation for free. Really?? I have to stamp my ticket or its not valid. Why?? And why doesn't anyone check these valid or invalid tickets? I just started using this line and I have yet had someone ask to see my stamped ticket.

Newark--- don't get me started. But excuse me while I continue enlightening all of you how wasteful all this is. Newark has at least 5 different forms of public transit that goes through that ONE city. Wtf? The PATH, buses, NJtransit Rail, THEIR OWN Lightrail and subway system! Oh mylanta.

Please give me feedback while I take a break from this topic and not pop a vein. I will also find more info about these costly ways and report back. 

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