Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Writing Sample

I wrote this writing sample for a company and figured I should post it cause you never know who may need some advice on buying an old house. And it did take me most of my work day to write this and two more. I'll post those another time. Just in case the company decides to post them on their own, it would be found here first. Smart

Advice On Buying An Old House

            We all wish we were Justin Bieber. Not only young and talented but filthy rich so we could have our own business empire or even buy an island. In this case, having all that money would mean we would have the option of buying a completely new house instead of hand me downs we still pay an arm and leg for. But here is some advice on options that may help you make the best decision.
            Buying a house in general has numerous important steps. With that said, make sure you make yourself familiar and comprehensive of all parts of the process. A realtor is helpful, but the more additional knowledge you possess about the topic will further help you on this decision. This includes understanding the different ages of homes and the conditions of pre-owned homes.
            Old houses have many issues many people prefer not to deal with and pay to go away. For example, heat in some can be scarce because no matter how high you put it, it doesn’t get warm during those very cold winters. This can be a problem you aren’t willing to deal with, but for others it may seem like a minuscule problem that can be fixed. Making a list of the things that you are not willing to settle on is the first thing you should do.
            There are also hazardous aspects that you should look out for. Radon is a gas that many old houses have high levels of. You can have this tested for before you decide to buy. This is worth doing since it is the second largest cause of lung cancer. Another common hazard is lead pipe systems. A filtration system is needed for most houses built pre-1940. So if the one you fall in love with is a home that fits that description, you may want to install one.
            You’re probably thinking “Is it even worth it?” And the answer is unclear but there are benefits. The amount you would pay for a smaller new home may be more than the amount for a larger square foot older one. Of course this is only in regards to the old houses you don’t have to spend an additional amount for any repairs. Many of these older houses can also end up being a lot more luxurious than you could afford for a newer house. Another benefit is getting what you paid for. In this new age, manufacturers can make fake wood, marble, brick or other construction materials, but older houses were built at a time when there was nothing other than real materials.
            Ultimately, an old house is not as great as the home you wished you could build yourself. But don’t worry; there are so many options you can choose from when it comes to old houses. They are already in well established areas with schools that probably have been there just as long. The amount of land that would come with your home is also something that you wouldn’t easily find with a new house within a time budget. So count your losses. There is a silver lining in this search. 

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