Thursday, April 19, 2012

Autism: Team Nabila & Jamila

A Spectrum of Living by Ivan Barahona takes a glimpse into the lives of a family that has Autism present in their daily lives. Please watch the video before proceeding onto the letter below. 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I invite you all to embark on this journey to make a difference.

My two younger sisters, Nabila and Jamila, both have autism. They have been my North Star for the past 25 years of my life. Without their light guiding me, I would not only have been lost, but not be who I am today. I owe my passion for success and determination to them and my beautiful mother, Rafaela Saleh who raised all three of us single-handedly. This run is the least I can do to begin to give thanks and express my gratitude. I aspire to also one day work in the field of autism and could not think of a better place to start than here.

I would love nothing more than for you all to join me in this run/walk.Please sign up, the more the merrier! If you can't, any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Please click the following link to either join the walk/run or donate. My Team is called "Team Nabila and Jamila".
And yes, with just $1, you can make a difference!
Spread the word! Remember, it takes a village!

Thank you all for your support, from the bottom of my heart.

♥ Sohad Saleh ♥

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