Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Bio pic from My____Life
The question I have received most since I wrote My____Life is "Where can I buy your book?" Simple question but sometimes I feel like people expect a complex answer. "Can I just go to a store and buy it?" No you can not. In 2012, we buy books online then have them shipped to our homes or downloaded to our tablet. How crazy is that? And I utilized this growing "phenomenon" by only having my book printed as purchased.

Places you can purchase my first edition of My ____ Life:

Lulu.com (But of course!)
Barnes & Noble

I also have some located at Alpak Station (Milford and Hawley branches)

As many of you might know if you follow me on Twitter (@Sele_Ana), the second edition of My ____ Life will be published after the prequel is published (Psst, the prequel is out this Summer!). So be on the look out.

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