Thursday, April 26, 2012

#ProjectMoveOut : Job Market

I'm behind on my writing schedule for the prequel and so I decided I was going to start reading some of the "motivational" books my dad sent me while I was in college. It wasn't that I didn't want to read them then, but life just seemed so chaotic. Well... it's even more chaotic now, so I figured what better time am I waiting for?

Linchpin. I've only read the intro parts and I can honestly say that I'm definitely going to finish this book. I'm not a reader, just a writer. Therefore that statement is massive.

As I read the intro, I thought of all of you. I wanted to say, "Poor us, look what everyone else did." Our schools fed us lies. Our parents' examples were flawed. We were set up for failure. Work doesn't mean what it used to. Working from 9 to 5 isn't enough anymore, like it was for our grandparents and parents. This sucks? Yes it does. But what sucks more is if you don't notice the change.

Questions we ask often.

"Where Does Success Come From?" 
 "Where Does Average Come From?"

I'll give you what Seth Godin wrote in reference to the second question. In my opinion, it's what should motivate you most.

"It comes from two places:

  1. You have been brainwashed by school and by the system into believing that your job is to do your job and follow instructions. It's not, not anymore.
  2. Everyone has a little voice inside of their head that's angry and afraid. That voice is the resistance--your lizard brain--and it wants you to be average (and safe).
If you're not doing as well as you hoped, perhaps it's because the rules of the games were changed, and no one told you.

The rules were written just over two hundred years ago; they worked for a long time, but no longer. It might take you more than a few minutes to learn the new rules, but it's worth it."

No one ever said life after college or high school or on your own would be easy. But we can equip ourselves to help guide us not to make foolish mistakes. And quite frankly, (I'm also learning this again) complaining is not effective. And even worst... its infectious.


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