Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#ProjectMoveOut : Mindset

I spoke to my mother about this topic and she supported my thinking. But I did believe I need to better explain. 

Your Mindset

As a fellow Millenial (1981+), I understand that the economy is hard and our pockets are empty. The job market isn't what it used to be. You think? I have applied to almost or more than 150 jobs this last month and a half (Dedication for sure). But ultimately, it's all very scary. 

I agree with you.

For the past few weeks, I have been talking with my friends about this movement I want to do and we raised our voices and nodded our heads about it. In the end, we understood it was about the greatness inside of all of us that seems diminished by certain "situations". For example, living with our parents is one. Not the only one but one. For some... emphasis on some, living with their parents has crippled them from doing what they sought out to do in college or high school. Their comfort in their childhood home has made them once again a child. My mother even shined some light on this very thing. She says my sibling and I often come to her house, kick back and wonder when our favorite meals are going to be done. And we get upset when there is no food in the fridge as if we put any in there to begin with. 

It's a mentality. A mindset. - Anything referring to your parents automatically makes you a child. No matter how old you are. 

Does this hold everyone back? No. In fact, I joked with my mother that if I have to move back to her home; I would work super hard to get out of there. Haha. I love my mother though. It's just that for me, I know I can do better than that for myself. And it's uncomfortable to have to depend on my parents at my age. But that is my personal feeling. 

Like I have said before, this is about encouragement. I want us all to come together and call ourselves to greatness. In the words of Dee Marshall to me, "I speak to your potential and demand you to step up". 

Not gonna lie stung a little, but pushed me to get my butt moving.  Love Dee!

What's crippling your greatness? 

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