Saturday, May 19, 2012

Entrepreneur 2: Lets Go

Today I decided to actively look for ways to pump up the business at the packaging store. From a Yard Sale to Social Media Ambush. I am determined to make this work.

Why? At Alpak Station, my goal is to make packaging easy and convenient for my customers. By no means do I want to compete with USPS but make sure people know there is a difference. Of course it will take some time to do my dream version of the store, but one day there will even be different areas within the store for children, mom's professionals and students. Yes, all in one store. I can't let you in on all my ideas, but I think you understand what I'm thinking of.

Motivating my staff to be diligent in not only their work but in the company is yet another task I am running into. We just added a new face to our staff and sadly lost another at the same time. But in all, I think with sacrifice and determination, we will take the Poconos area by storm. Or at least we will try.

For my other endeavors, I have been gaining a following which is amazing. Very grateful for that. And also added to my staff. Staff? STAFF. How awesome is that? It's on a trial basis I guess but I'm confident it'll b great. I'm sure they will have some entries on here as well.

Book is coming along, but not quite finish. It is time for editing, but also time to schedule all the photo shoots that have to be done. Like the cover and bio photos. I'm sure I will look very angelic. And lets not forget the grande release party I am slowly putting together. It should be an awesome end to the Summer.

Ideally everything will work out but I think asking for help is not above me. 

So tell me how do you think I should go about increasing sales in the country area of PA? And what do you think every emerging writer should be aware of. 

As the young people of today like to say... "Everday I'm shufflin"

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