Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prequel Sneak Peek

Here is a glimpse into the prequel. I'm working on making it the best it can be. The title and date release will be out soon. Just know that this book is different from My ____ Life. Samantha is searching for something and doesn't even notice. There is a peace (not piece) she's lost and it took years for the hole to grow so large that it finally was affecting everything around her. Slowly but surely. So the ending (that I don't know) is about her understanding who she is and why. How she gets there is what the book is about. 
It's so fun to develop a lot of the characters you meet in My ____ Life. Especially how Marlin and Samantha were pre what you already read. They were once inseparable love birds and more importantly friends. Then there is Justin, who you get to finally meet fully. And... I think everyone will fall in love with him. Ericka and Samantha are more bff's in this one but I think you see why they ended up the way they do. And the rest of the crew. 

Here's a quote to make you thirsty for more:  

I wanted the moment to stay as a moment of “good” in its purest form. Something I had thought was lost. Or maybe I had lost. I wanted this moment to be about me starting a new friendship.

Was going to put the whole paragraph but decided against it since I'm not sure if it's what I want yet. 

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