Friday, June 8, 2012

Open Your Eyes

People watching is a favorite past time for many of us. Especially those who sat in their college cafeterias doing it. It's relaxing and you really don't think about much else.

As I'm writing this post, I am people watching. And something I noticed today and took time to look at was the fact that everyone is so caught up in their own lives. I saw this old lady slowly walking down the sidewalk. Every once in a while she'd stopped, compose herself and then proceeded. Then I started to notice she was having a little bit of trouble walking. I was a little concerned, but I watched. I watched as every sped by not only in their cars but also by foot. Men and women walked quickly on both sides of the street. At least quicker than this old woman trying to get to her destination. I watched everyone not even notice this old lady struggle.

Of course, I thought about packing my things up and helping her to wherever she had to go but something stopped me. Maybe she was going a far distance. I was supposed to be sitting here to find something to blog about. Ultimately, I have no idea what really held me back.

Many times we all get a bit preoccupied with our own lives and don't realize what is going on around us. I know I am this way for example. Especially lately. I'm preoccupied with finding a steady paying job to do outside of my freelancing, so I can make sure I can always pay my monthly expenses and soon pay back loans. Meanwhile, my family needs me. Or the fact that I'm sitting on all these gold mines full of my skills and talents.

So open your eyes and look around you. There is a lot you're missing.

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