Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#ProjectMoveOut: HBO Girls

Girls is about just that, girls, but the lives of them are from an angle rarely ever seen. Hannah, a writer, who wanted to stay at her internship while desperately waiting for it to become her first big girl job. And newsflash/spoiler to all you recent graduates out there, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you have to move on without ever getting a cent from them. Sad, but very true.  Hannah's superior at her internship was a lot more blunt about what her options were... Work for free or I guess we'll miss you. In someway we've all been given that choice. But not many people talk about it. It's very hush hush. Well... then again, not between friends.

I watched the Pilot of this lovely gift from God during my lunch hour because of a promise I made to my friend. Within minutes, I knew I had to blog about it. Primary reason, if you've never seen it and are a 20-something year old college graduate , you must see it. At first I thought it would make me very sad about my situation (not having that steady paying job after grad school) but it actually encouraged me to know that at least one of us is doing something we love at 26 and that I'm not alone. It's a get up off your ass kind of show.

My first thought while watching was, "Why didn't I make this?

Being in your twenties today has challenges within itself. It's not all about figuring out who you're going to sleep with next or getting a job. It's about staying true to yourself and not settling. At this age, settling looks good everyday. REAL GOOD. Why do you think there are drug dealers, prostitutes,  and accountants? At some point, that person was swayed to go that way. Of course some of them grew up wanting that for themselves, but that is an entirely different blog. Anyway, being in your twenties is a blessing and a curse. I like to think more so a blessing, but sometimes being this young doesn't give me enough credibility when in fact I am wise beyond my years. Girls gives everyone a chance to sit down for an hour and take a glimpse of what it's like to be in our shoes today.

Lena Dunham is a fellow Millenial, who took her talent to a place most people (likely including her parents) probably doubted it would take her. As New York Magazine wrote (Emily Nussbaum), "Girls was a bold defense (and a searing critique) of the so-called Millennial Generation by a person still in her twenties." I couldn't agree more. 

"Does she feel completely different from Hannah now that she's gotten to the place she strived for?" Here's how Dunham answered, 

“How do I express this without getting too personal with you?” asks Dunham. “That lostness and that questioning—I wish I could say that it completely went away when you were getting to do the thing you wanted to do, but unfortunately, that’s not the truth.” Her work is going gangbusters, she admits—her personal life, those daily mortifications, that’s another matter. “I’m just fuckin’ it up all other kinds of ways.”

Could not say it better myself. 

Dunham didn't only write "Girls", but she directs it and plays the main character. Busy busy, I say. I admire her creativity and ambition. Thankfully, I am in company of people who have large plans for their lives. After hearing about Dunham I thought, "26? Damn that's a year from now." And realistically speaking, if I don't make it to my goals now doesn't mean I never will. But now sure sounds better than later. Never said we were the generation of patience. 


  1. LOVE this good job, you summed it up pretty well. Now let's take over the world :)

  2. I've never seen the show and I've only read bad reviews on it - which are mainly about the lack of diversity lol - but I definitely enjoyed this point of view on the show. Very refreshing!

  3. Jackiewantspaz- Thanks. I think we should all take over the world. We can do it.

    Shamia- Yeah, I was going to mention the lack of diversity, but in the end I found it didn't matter too much. The core is valid either way. And Lena is a pretty awesome girl, young lady, young adult. @lenadunham