Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starting is the Hardest Part

"I have a passion to write. I love writing, but most of all I love telling stories through my writing. I have been writing stories since the third grade. My teacher was impressed with them and showed it to other people. My parents didn't really say much about it, but everyone else loved it. A journalist even read them when visiting our class. She advised me to develop my stories more because they were really short and had almost no details. In the 7th grade or so, I started to write a longer story, a book. I added onto it for years after I had started and finally ended it in my Sophomore year in High School. At that point it was just a hobby and a nice way to spend my time when I was bored. At some point between then and now I decided to make it more than a hobby and make it into my career, which was not in my original agenda."  
(Wrote for a class in undergrad)

Right now I am working on getting the prequel to My ____ Life published. But my sights are also on finally getting to write about my life. I'm not Oprah but I will have you know, it's been a roller coaster. The most difficult part about all this is letting my guard down and feeling everything again. Remembering comes after. That the most important part of writing non-fiction, feeling.

"The overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks"
In my case, the overflow of the heart the fingers type.

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