Friday, June 1, 2012

Twitter: How to use Lists

Normally, I only share this information with only clients. But I'm realizing that giving a little peek at my genius could actually help you to see I'm not a fraud. Instead that I actually do have a strategy to my madness.

Twitter is a fast growing social media. It's right after Facebook. To be completely honest, I'm not sure why it hasn't topped Facebook yet. Although, when I think about my first opinion of Twitter, I do understand. I thought it was just a stream of a bunch of Facebook statuses. Who would want that? Not me, said I. But when I started to see how professionals use it, I was intrigued. And not to mention, the more conferences and events I went to, the more I saw it's usage.

Biggest perk: Live Tweeting. Tweeting from an event is probably one of my favorite capabilities to use it for. I can be at Candice Anitra's performance and tweet pictures as much as I want. Tell you who's there and quotes from them. AND connect with other people who are there through hashtags (#BigTree2012).

I also like to virtually network. A term not yet used by many, but if you know me, you do. I claim this like Beyonce with Bootylicious, which apparently is now in the dictionary. But without giving away all my secret tricks, virtual networking is a lot like doing live tweeting but with a specific desire to connect to more people.

Now for lists!

First of all, many of you may not know where the Lists are. If you click to look at your full profile, the option will show up on a list under your photo.

Click on "Lists" and if you have any, they will show up on the right side. If you don't, it will probably say so. Not rocket science. But for those who are challenged by things like this, Sorry.

In my case, I don't only have lists but I am on one too (Yay!). Below you will see how I have my lists titled. 

Hint: The Lists that have my picture next to it are mine. 

As you may have notices, my "Friends & Family" list has a little lock next to it. That means it's a private list. But all the other ones are open for people to subscribe to and to view.

Why do I use Lists and make my clients use them? Mainly to cut the amount of people you follow. Why? Because when people get into using Twitter (once the "Why would I use this is?" is over) then there is a certain click happy that happens. They follow EVERYONE. Most of them celebrities or icons they do not know personally and probably people who will never give them the time of day. AND have nothing to do with the professional field they are on Twitter for in the first place. Therefore, I compromise and tell them to make a List. Whether it's for celebrities they admire, artists they wish they could be, or people they think are Hot. It all goes on a list. This keeps your Following number at a considerable amount and you can still keep track of your favorite Twitter users. 

Makes sense?

I think Lists also help show your personal side. If I were famous, I think that my fans would want to know about the people I think are inspirational. So in the end, that list is not just for me, but for those who follow me or stumble onto my account. 

My "My Faves & Inspirations" list has 45 account I added. 6 people are subscribed (Following) to my list

If you have any questions, Leave a comment. Class finished. 

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