Thursday, June 21, 2012

Volunteer Experience

Many High School students or elder women find themselves at the local shelter or fighting for a cause that they believe in. What about everyone else?

For most of my life, I have volunteered in some sort of organization. HOPE worldwide. American Heart Association. ASPCA. American Cancer Society. Just to name a few. I'm no philanthropist or humanitarian, but I do value a good cause.

Here are some other benefits of volunteering that people don't think about about.

1. Work Experience. For those right out of school and are in need of some work experience, volunteering can help you understand how the workforce functions. You'll feel a part of the team and share a loyalty. Employees are not just full time or part time staff on payroll, you are also considered a part of what makes the organization function. Your time there can teach you how to work on a team, filing systems, enhance computer skills, oral and written communication. The available skills are endless. All while helping a great cause.

2. Know your preference. Learn if you want to be in an office setting or retail. Work in groups or work alone. Want a job that requires for you to think on your own or do you prefer routine tasks? Volunteering can help you make some decisions about what field you would like to be in. Through your experience, you can figure all these out.

So see, there are personal benefits to the working for the work of non profits. And all while lending a helping hand.

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