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ProjectMoveOut: Job Scams

Be warned! There are people out there taking advantage of the people who don't have money or jobs. As I searched for a job during these last few months, I came across an abnormal amount of these. Everything from sending me a $630 check a week to writing samples. The list is long. And it is our duty to report them (which I have yet done but will after this post).

LLT Marketing

I think I may have found this company on craigslist. The website was not a great one, but I didn't hold it against them because I worked at a graphic design haus. Then their process was a little weird. You had a phone interview and it was crazy loud. Then they told you someone would be sending you an email with further instructions. After that, you're supposed to do writing samples for them. And then continue you wait for one more email from someone else for your in person interview.

Things learned from LLT Marketing: When using craigslist as a job finder, make sure you look up the company. You can look them up after sending your resume (which should not have your personal information like home address). Google the company. Check out if they have a website. If the website is really basic, dig a little deeper. Check out their employees listed. Best tool to check out employees on is Linkedin. If there is no information about their CEO or founder on Linkedin, be weary. Also check if you have any 1st connections with anyone affiliated with the company.

When you have phone interviews with a company you are not familiar with, always have questions prepared to ask them. Ask about their biggest accomplishments, history of company and so on. Something that you can find more about online.

GOOGLE is your best tool to find anything from recent social media updates and anything said about the company. Click on News to find out most recent things about the company or affiliates.

I'd say if you don't want to do this for every inquiry, at least do it for the one that respond back.

Secret Shopper

This job started out as an ad on for a personal assistant. The names change but the information stays relatively the same.

When you email them, they will say, "Actually this is a secret shopper job". Red flag.

I went along with this one just to see how it would end. Hey, if they actually sent me a $630 check for real, it would have been a pleasant surprise. Of course after a long sequence of back and forth emails. No phone interview. They sent me two bogus money orders. There is a picture of them on my twitter. AND on top of that they were $1,900.35. Yes, I was saddened by this greatly. In response I posted the money orders on my wall to remind me... One Day & Stay Strong.

What I learned from this scam was that there are actual secret shopper jobs out there. They DO NOT pay that much every week. If you are interested there is a company named Best Mark. I hear they are legitimate. Only down side is you always have to use money first and then get money back. I know this sounds like a scam but you go out and do whatever the secret shopping is and then they give reimburse you and throw in a couple more dollars. Its not for me, but that's cause you'd have to be very strategic and hope there is a lot of stuff near you. Probably more of a side job.

Franklin C. Wilkinson


My name is Franklin CWilkinson. Thanks for responding to the job posted on craigslist. Am sorry to inform you that the position has been filled up. But I urgently need a part time personal assistant to run my errands until I return back to the US by fourth week in April, 2012. I live in US but presently in London on a business trip. I own an electronics and clothing store in London, United Kingdom. Here below are the job description.

1. You will run errands for three times a week and two hours each day. The working days are flexible.
2. You will do my business shopping.
3. You will receive my packages which will be shipped to the nearest UPS office to you. You will go to the UPS office and pick up the packages. The content of the packages are electronics, clothes, my business and personal letters. You will open the packages and confirm the contents for record purpose.
4. You will ship out some of the packages where I want them to be shipped to. (You don't have to pay for the shipment. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me)
5. You will receive payments from my clients on my behalf which will be written payable to your name so you can cash them at your bank. The payments will be in either check or money order. The payments will be for the services you will be rendering and to do my business shopping.

Job Requirement
1. You must have good communication skill.
2. You must be efficient, reliable, responsible and trustworthy.
3. You must be able to perform your tasks effectively
4. You should be able to work 3 times per week and 2 hours each day.

Payment and Work Duration
The Job will last for three months. I want to open another electronics and clothing store in the US when I return and If there is need to extend your services, an ammedment would be made to your wages and you will be notified accordingly. I will meet you in person by April when I return back to the US. I am willing to pay $300 per week. Your weekly payment will be deducted from the payments sent to you by my clients.

I need the service of a personal assistant because I am always out of town for business trips. The lists and pictures of what to shop will be sent to you via email when am ready. No heavy packages are involved! The shopping will be done at any nearest stores to you. You will be shopping for Electronics and clothes. My personal UPS account number will be provided for shipping. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task to be done and funds to cover them.

If you are interested in the part time personal assistant position, Please confirm the following details:

Your Full Name:
Your Full Address with apt # (Not P.O.Box)
Your Cell phone number
Your Home phone number
Present Occupation:

Hope to hear from you soon.

Franklin Wilkinson
Tel: +447733847021

Technically I don't know for sure if this one is a job scam because I didn't go further into it. I did google the man, and from what I found out, there was a guy who died that had that name. He died a few days before I received this email, 2 years prior. Creepy right. Therefore I didn't try finding out more.

Tip: Never pursue a job that has a lot to do with money transaction and foreign goods. Sketchy and possibly illegal.

There were a couple more but I couldn't remember them all. Make sure you don't put your home address on your resume. I don't care what anyone else says. It's not safe even in a legitimate company. Instead place the name of your city and state. That's it. Phone numbers, if it's unknown or a weird number, it can't hurt to send it to voice-mail. LESSON IN LIFE: if something is important enough, people will leave a voice-mail or call again. So do not worry. You can always call back.

All my job hunters out there, be safe because apparently you are a target. Scams can be found anywhere. Trust me, I have learned this. In the end, don't be discouraged. This may make you want to just stay in the hole you're in, but instead use it as your learning experience and share with others. Involve family and friends in your job search. There are no other people who want to see you succeed more. 

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