Monday, July 16, 2012

You're an appetite.

That line was embedded in me after seeing the movie "Nine" a couple of years ago with one of my best friends. We related it a lot to the men in our lives and how it's so true what Guido Contini's wife, Luisa, said at the end. As time has past, I've thought, "Well don't we all become appetites at some point?" I know I slip up time to time. Not being satisfied with the life I've been given and made for myself. It isn't bad or preventable to slip up, but just don't stay there. It makes for a very ugly life.

Clients- Many times I find myself wishing my clients were this or I had more or they paid me more or blah blah- bratty bratty words. Then I check myself and think about how GREAT it is that these people even trust me enough to take on their brand or business. Me? Trust me? The girl who didn't go to school for this. Yup, they trust that girl. So wanting more from them, or more clients or credibility is me just being an appetite. The realism of the situation is that I can't handle more clients anyway, at this point. I am full.

Books- As I have blogged about before, I have found disappointment in myself when it comes to my novels. People laugh at me and say sly remarks about me publishing a book. In actuality, "What have you done lately?" should be my comment back. It doesn't matter how many copies I sold. It's the fact that it is out there for people to read. I put myself out there instead of having it saved on my computer for life. Perhaps one day they will be picked up by a bigger publishing company. Until that day, I am full.

Reminder: Look out for my new novel's release, Prequel to My ____ Life.

Education- Adults my age are collecting degrees like Pokemon. Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Master's in Business Administration, Certificate in Teaching, another Master's but in Event Planning. The list goes on for one person. ONE. Why? It's because they are an appetite. Many people hide behind the American economy and job positions, but I also think it's laziness. I may discuss this further in another blog, but briefly I want to say that going to school instead of being in it are two different things. One main difference is one is  where you pay and the other is where you get paid. Do your degrees justice. Many times I find myself yelling at mine (sometimes literally). I tell them, "maybe you should have been a Bachelor's in Hospitality or Communications and Minor in Public Relations." Maybe my Master's should have been in Communications at a different school, instead of Public Administration at the same school. I've thought about getting a Ph.D in Creative Writing, but for now I am full.

I want I want I want. I take I take. As my grandmother has said many times, "Don't let your wants outweigh your needs". The second you do, you become an appetite and " if you stopped being greedy you'd die."

How full are you? 

Speaking of appetites. On another note. I'd like to share with you one of my favorite Starbucks meals. Haha.  I love their Tarragon Chicken salad sandwich. I may make fun of Starbucks (people in there with their Apple products) a lot but this sandwich is no joking matter. It's yummy. Although sometimes my salad is a little dry. It is so worth the like $6 I pay for it. It helps me stay full while writing diligently so I can go home.
*I've been wanting to share that for some reason. 


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