Sunday, September 30, 2012

Social Media: Get Glue

How do we feel about me reviewing social networks? I haven't really done that much and I have tried out a lot of them this year.

My first pick is Get Glue. If you haven't heard it, get a clue. Haha I made a joke. 

Have you ever noticed just how much we talk about TV or movies on Twitter and Facebook? Then not enough about the topic(s) those accounts are actually for, like your field of work. Well that's what I suggest you to use Get Glue for. When you want to comment on how funny an episode is. Or how poorly your favorite team is doing. 

Take a look

The first time I heard about Get Glue, i thought it was hilarious. All I knew was that you checked in and got stickers. Then I discovered different ways I could use the tool.

I often struggle with sharing informative content ALL the time. And when I watch TV aka Netflix it's usually just me. So if I have any comments about what I am watching, I either say it to myself outloud or text a friend. And if neither really work for me, I go to my Twitter fans or Facebook friends. Also not really great outlets.

Using Get Glue helps a ton. You look less of a couch potato and unprofessional. Use the correct social media for the correct purpose. No one likes a crowded news feed. By wisely selecting where you publish certain posts may benefit you in the long run.

Perk: Stickers! I get very excited when I see the new stickers I gained on Get Glue. I believe you can even get the actual stickers if you wanted. How many social networks give you free prizes? 

So there you go, a new place to share with the world. I have a bunch more to come. If you need any help or questions, leave me a comment.

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