Sunday, September 23, 2012

#ProjectMoveOut : Help a friend out

Right now the millenials are struggling with many things, but money is the one that keeps us up at night. The American economy and job market is getting better as I type but for some, it may still feel like there has been no difference for us. I have a couple of friends who got new jobs the same time as me meanwhile others have their work hrs cut or still in the search. As encouraging as I try to be, I understand those words mean nothing to my bank acct or bill collectors.

Part of the issue is we are either not sure what job positions we want or want too many (I'm guilty). Don't feel like you're being punished for your ambition or indecisiveness but receive advice. I propose a this: what if instead of sharing pointless jibber jabber of fb, let's do something productive. Many times I come across job positions at work that I know some of my friends would be great at. So how about we post fb statuses that tag our friends to those job titles? This could give them ideas and motivation to pursue a similar position you shared somewhere else or if the position is open, apply.

Here is an example: 

Start a trend. Maybe it'll help more than you think. 

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